Footnanny to the Stars: Gloria Williams

Foot Nanny to the Stars
Foot Nanny to the Stars

A sweet young girl from Chicago who started doing nails over 25 years ago, intended to become a hair stylist, but God had other plans for this special woman, meet the lovely Gloria Williams, the footnanny to the stars.

Fully immersed in the world of beauty, Ms. Williams quickly realized that most people didn’t want to do pedicures. She couldn’t understand this, because since she was a little girl she watched her mother massage and care for her father and neighbor’s feet as well. She learned that the art of foot massage is a very special and powerful healing process that can have a profound effect on a person’s state of mind, health and happiness.

With her focus and intelligence, Gloria rose within the business very quickly working at an exclusive spa in the Gold Coast with over 35 nail technicians under her management while she was servicing very high profile clientele, including politicians and celebrities. Some of her celebrity clients include Janet Jackson, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Gail King, Lady Gaga, Kelly Rowland, LA Lakers owner Jeannie Buss, and the one and only Oprah Winfrey.

One day, she discovered a job opportunity to work at HARPO Studios as the onset, behind-the-scenes mani-pedicurist. She applied, excited and anxious about the possibilities, and as fate would have it, Gloria got the job. It wasn’t until 3 years on the job that Oprah Winfrey sat down in her chair ready for Gloria to work her footnanny magic. And her life would never be the same…

How did you get the name Footnanny? “My client and mentor, Oprah Winfrey suggested I start a brand based around my special services. She was so kind she even tweeted about my special services while I was doing her treatment. To be given endorsement by Oprah is a very special blessing, and along the way she and Mr. Graham have continued to inspire me. I am very grateful to Ms. Winfrey for all of her kindness and wisdom. She has truly helped me to think bigger and to pursue my greatest goals.”

What is different about your foot care services? “My treatment is a combination of Reiki, which is energy work, Tai, which is complete stretching techniques, and Reflexogy, which focuses on key pressure points within the feet. I offer the Footnanny 2000 custom treatments which give clients a full 2000 stroke massage, giving ultimate relaxation and rejuvenating results to the client. The wellness goes beyond the pedicure, so the footnanny begins when the pedicure ends.”

Foot Nanny Products
Foot Nanny Products

Tell us more about the Footnanny Product line? “The footnanny products are especially formulated to target dry skin. I created a cream that is not too oily or too thin. It’s a combination of essential compounds of Soy, Shea, and Cocoa Butter. It’s very soft and smooth. We also offer a range of scents, including Tea Tree, Peppermint, Lavender, Chocolate, and Unscented too. Clients who choose the Footnanny 2000 treatment receive a special 2oz jar as a token gift after their treatment.”

What can fans look forward to from the Footnanny brand? “We will be launching the Footnanny mobile app, which will allow clients to book Footnanny Parties at their home or family and friends, where 6 technicians will arrive to pamper your guests as well as provide gift swag bags. We’ll be creating fun experiences for people to enjoy in the comfort of their own homes. They’ll be a lot of fun for everyone and relaxing too.”

What advice do you have for other entrepreneurs out there who are not yet pursing their dream? “I can say from someone who does not come from money…You have to go with your gut. If it’s what you know you love doing, you should go for it. Think about what other people say about you…that will help you give you valuable feedback. Get yourself some good mentors, and understand that they aren’t just going to give you money. You have to earn your success. Go to the library, read books, internet…There’s so much free advice and information out there. Use it! Most importantly, don’t give up. You’re only one person away from your blessing.”

Gloria Williams has certainly walked a pathway of blessings, of course the road of Life has its share of obstacles and challenges, yet Ms. Williams keeps her head held high as she forges ahead with her dream in focus and belief in herself, knowing that whatever she wants in this life, she can have, and she will do what it takes to get it. After all, she does have a healing touch, and that’s a powerful thing that must be shared with others. This golden truth taught to her by her beautiful mother…And mother always knows best.

Become a fan of Footnanny on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or visit and you can schedule an appointment with the Footnanny today by calling the FootNanny Retail Spa in Beverly Hills located at 9701 Pico Blvd, Ste #216 ( On the corner of Camden and Pico) or call to book an appointment 1-1-800-505-2118(24 Hr operator). Footnanny, Gloria Williams, is available or private in home treatments and custom treatments in salon.

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