Find the Right Rehab Program for Alcohol Abuse

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Addiction is a terrible thing. Alcohol addiction can ruin the lives of those suffering and their closest friends and family. Seeking help can be a scary thing but incredibly brave. Luckily today, with the help of modern medicine and therapy, alcohol abuse can be dealt with in a safe and effective matter. The only problem now is choosing the right program. If you want to start your journey with rehab, we’ve compiled some pointers to help you get started and get help. Change starts with you!

The first step to recovery is making the conscious decision to seek treatment for your alcohol or drug abuse. The second step is choosing the right rehabilitation program. To get your life back on track you need to find a program that will accommodate your needs and circumstances. With the bounty of options, styles, and centers, it can be a difficult choice to make. So how do you get started? The simple answer is with a bit of research.

Typical Rehab Programs for Alcohol Abuse

To start things off, let’s break down the typical rehabilitation treatment styles. When choosing a program, the first decision you’ll have to make is which one of the following will be best suited for you. The first decision that needs to be made is where and how you want to receive treatment. There are no wrong answers, there is only what does and does not work for you.

  • Inpatient Treatment: Involves patients staying in a hospital-like setting. It involves receiving intensive and highly structured care for both medical and mental issues.
  • Outpatient Treatment: Involves patients residing at home and going to a clinic-like facility. Here they will have regular sessions with addiction professionals.
  • Recovery Housing: Involves patients staying in temporary homes under careful supervision. Here they can participate in treatment programs.
  • Residential Treatment: Involves patients staying in a non-hospital setting. Here they can receive highly structured and intense medical care and care for addiction.

What to Keep in Mind when Choosing a Program

Finding the right rehabilitation program depends on a few factors. How structured do you want your treatment to be? How hands-on, how intense, and how long will it last? Learning and doing enough research beforehand will help you make that decision. When it comes to other more specific aspects, we’ve compiled a list of some points to keep in mind.

Personalized Treatment Plan

Everyone’s journey to recovery is unique. A rehabilitation facility needs to cater to your specific journey and situation. Whether it’s a group or one-on-one treatment. Whether it’s strict supervision by professionals or a more laid-back approach. Even dietary needs, or medical issues, should be taken into consideration when choosing. Consider the flexibility of your rehabilitation program as your most important factor.

Additional Facilities and Resources

Going into recovery can be a difficult journey. Sometimes, medical professionals and therapy are not enough to keep on the right path. Your rehabilitation center needs to offer you a sense of calm through your journey. Professionals at White River Recovery Netherlands say that a relaxed atmosphere is key.  Serene environments and creative outlets are just as important for recovery as therapy, education, and persistence. Options like art therapy, outdoor activities, or recreational activities could all be good fits for your recovery.

Detox Policies

For anyone trying to recover from alcohol abuse, detoxing is an unpleasant but necessary step. Each center deals with this particularly difficult hurdle differently. For many centers, detoxification is the first step. After the necessary professionally supervised detox time, the therapy starts. Depending on you and your medical professionals, choose a rehabilitation program that best fits your line of recovery. You need to look at their step-by-step detox process and become good friends with it.

Medical Professionals

All the fancy facilities and personalized plans will be for nothing if the solid foundation of medical professionals is not good. Before checking into any rehabilitation center, make sure to do the necessary research. Get to know the history and experience of all those employed there. Make sure that when checking in to a facility that they are first equipped and experienced to deal with cases like yours.

Handling Relapses

Relapses are the most difficult part for every recovering patient. They are as common as they are trying. When choosing a rehabilitation facility, it is important to consider their relapse procedures. Relapse education, prevention, and handling protocol can range from harsh to lenient and can have a huge impact on your recovery. Be sure to ask yourself and your center what will happen if I relapse at the facility and what will happen if I relapse after? Make sure your center has you covered.

Length of the Treatment

Recovery is a process that cannot be rushed, but you are allowed to choose initially how long you would want it to last. Rehabilitation programs offer short-term or long-term programs depending on the style of treatment. It’s up to you and your medical professionals to decide whether short and intense or long and paced is better for you. Life can be busy and it can be difficult to drop your life and go into a rehabilitation program. At the end of the day, your health is what’s most important.

Patient and Family Expectations

People do best when they know exactly what is expected of them and what they can expect. As a patient, you need to have transparency with your rehabilitation center. Knowing what you can and cannot do, what is expected of you, and what your rights are will help you feel secure in your journey to recovery. What is expected of your friends and family while you are in recovery is also essential. Know your patient rights and responsibilities

The first step to recovery is to seek help. It is an incredibly brave and difficult decision to make but a very healthy one as well. Today rehabilitation and recovery are made much easier, more personable, and less stigmatized. Making the right call when choosing a rehabilitation facility is crucial to your recovery. Make sure to do the time and research so you can begin your journey right. And if you know someone who suffers from alcohol or substance abuse, you can use the information that you learned here to help. Nevertheless – always strive to do more research in order to be as informed as you can.

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