Favorite Celebrity Gift Ideas

Favorite Celebrity Gift Ideas

When it comes to coming up with awesome gift ideas for a loved one, there are plenty of top celebrities who could give you a tip or two. Even walking down Rodeo Dr in Beverly Hills, you’ll find no shortage of amazing gifts that your favorite celebrity has probably given to themselves or someone they love. Some of the richest celebrities in the world have made headlines with their flamboyant offerings to their loved ones. You could certainly gain some inspiration from what they have bought as gifts, albeit on a more modest paycheck!


Celebrities like David Beckham and Nick Cannon have splurged hundreds of thousands of dollars on their loved ones. They ended up buying them Rolls Royces as a gift. Luxury cars are probably high up on anyone’s wish list. But they’re not always affordable! If the love of your life has a love of cars, there are still some great gifts you can buy. A driving experience will certainly get them behind the wheel of the car of their dreams. But they’ll have to give the keys back again. (Image by Jessica Gale)


You could take inspiration from the Beckhams again, and buy a beautiful diamond and ruby necklace. Victoria’s is worth 2.4 million dollars. But there are plenty of gorgeous necklaces for a fraction of that price. You might choose to have one made bespoke, or pick up a little something that merely emulates the design. How about something small and thoughtful? With an intimate message engraved, you can wow your loved one for a fraction of the price. (Image by Raspberry Thief)

Favorite Celebrity Gift Ideas


Jude Law reportedly had a baby grand piano restored for Sienna Miller. If your loved one has equally quirky tastes, then you might be able to find something to delight. It doesn’t have to take up an entire room of floor space, either. Look for quirkiness among Cuckooland’s unique gifts ideas. Find that item to light up the room, rather than fill it. Sometimes it’s those little salutes to your loved one’s tastes and personality that makes a perfect gift.

For The Home

Mike Tyson may have spent two million dollars on a bathtub, but you don’t need to go quite that far. You might just pick up a cute ornament or two. A piece of wall art might do. Or maybe you can get the contractors in to give the living room a spruce up. Even a new kitchen wouldn’t be quite as elaborate as the celebrities like to make it. But it’s practical, functional, and a wonderful gift to give your loved one.


Aaron Spelling made little Tori’s Christmas one year. He hired a two million dollar snow extravaganza. Having your own winter wonderland is certainly an experience you’ll never forget! You too could offer your loved ones an experience to stick firmly in their minds. What have they always dreamed of doing or seeing? Make this year the one to finally have their dreams come true. And no, you don’t need to spend two million dollars to do it. Try a skydive, or a swim with dolphins to delight them. (Photo taken by Dana Friedlander for the Israeli Ministry of Tourism)

Gifts are wonderful things to receive, but they’re even better to give. What will you give your loved ones this year? I bet even your favorite celebrity would love it!


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