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Wedding season may come and go but beautiful bridal styles are here to stay. One wonderful fashion designer, Nektaria Georgys, has put her talent on display. Her wedding dress brand, Nektaria, is based in Australia. All of her dresses are made with expert craftsmanship, hand-beaded adornments, and luxurious fabrics to make the dresses as stunning as possible. Currently, there are several Nektaria bridal collection options, some of which are highlighted below. (Image Credits: Nektaraia)

Vintage 2020 Collection

The Vintage 2020 Collection looks less like something made in 2020 and more like something made during the 1920’s. The feature that sets the dresses in this collection apart is the vast amount of finely embroidered lace embellishments. These decorations start at the collar of the dress and trail all of the way down to the bottom. Many of the dresses in this Nektaria bridal collection has sprawling bottoms that fan out in a circle around the rest of the dress, while some are so long that they act as miniature trains. All in all, if you love lace and vintage fashions (and aren’t afraid of looking a little risqué on your wedding day), then this collection is perfect for you.

California Bridal Collection

If you want to look like a modern-day princess, then the California Bridal Collection is the right fit for you. Each of the wedding dresses in this Nektaria bridal collection have a corset-like top with a heart-shaped low-collar. Lace and frills cover the top of each of these dresses as well.


While the tops of the dresses in this collection are all pretty similar, the bottoms vary greatly. One of the dresses has a poufy mermaid bottom. However, the majority of the dresses flair out at the bottom, looking like something straight out of Cinderella. The dresses all have short trains that elegantly drag behind the bride.

Luxury Bridal Collection

If you have always imagined your wedding dress to be covered in lace, lace, and even more lace, then the Luxury Bridal Collection is perfect for your wedding day. There are a few basic styling options, depending on what kind of sleeves you are looking for. There are several sleeveless options. With these designs, the gowns have a corset-like heart-shaped topped. These rare also lace-sleeved options. These are the perfect designs for fall and winter weddings.


The skirts of each of these dresses are also drowning in lace. Most of the dresses in this collection have either a mermaid-tail or trumpet bottom. Because of this, the skirts tend to be tighter around the top, similar to the design of a pencil skirt. The flow near the bottom of the dress leads to a beautiful lacey train.

Blue Sea Bridal Collection

The name of the Blue Sea Bridal Collection is a little deceiving, as the dresses coloring more closely resembles white sea foam than the blue sea itself. Most of the wedding dresses in this collection are sleeveless, and the dresses that do have sleeves are as lacey as the rest of the dress itself. As with Nektaria’s other collections, most of the dresses are covered in beautiful lace patterns.

Nektaria Bridal Collection Sea Blue

What also helps to set this collection apart from the rest of the collection are the skirts. Most of the skirts trumpet out. However, the very bottom of the dresses spread out as ripples in the sea, pillowing up like foam. On the opposite end of the spectrum, this collection also has short wedding dresses that come up above the knees! These dresses are perfect for beach weddings when you don’t want to get your dress sandy and soaked!

Regal Bridal Collection

If you would rather look more like a queen than a princess on your wedding day, then take a glance at the Regal Bridal Collection. This Nektaria bridal collection kicks things up a notch from the California Bridal Collection by adding an extra level of sophistication. Again, the defining trait of this collection has to be all the lace used. In dresses with a trumpet bottom, most all of the dress is covered in lace, including the sleeves. However, if you are looking for any other type of skirt, then the dress will be strappy or entirely sleeveless. Either way, the stops of the dresses will be corset-like and covered in lace, with the skirts focusing on pouf and style.

Nektaria Bridal Collection

Final Thoughts

If you want your wedding day to be nothing short of perfect, then consider looking into one of the dresses from Nektaria. These are just a few of the dresses the brand has to offer. Take a closer look on their website or follow them on Instagram @nektaria_official to see more of their designs. With so many beautiful and diverse designs, there is sure to be something for every blushing bride.



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