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What is every outfit needed when you are in Florida, home of South beach, Miami? Swimwear of course! Luli Fama is a Miami based luxury swim and resort wear brand designed for all “LuliBabes”. The bold and vibrant style of Luli Fama Swimwear is something that every woman in Florida needs. Luli Fama’s style gets its inspiration from South Beach’s electric nightlife and the Caribbean. Its swimwear has combinations of bright hues and bold prints, both giving a unique look that is both sophisticated and festive. Accessories such as beads, gold hardware shaped in shells and sea creatures such as starfish also line the seams of some pieces, truly a work of art swimwear. Here are some carefully handpicked one-piece bodysuits for you.


This warm colored snake print one piece bodysuit brings out the wild side in every LuliBabe. The front adjustable tie not only gives it a cute accent, it also enhances the shape of your cleavage as well. Whether you are lounging by the pool in the afternoon or pairing this with black skinny jeans and heels at a club at night, this snake printed one piece bodysuit brings out a wild Miami chick’s true, beautiful nature.


Heart of a Hippie Weave One Piece #fashion #LuliFama #style #shop #swimwear #swimsuit #bikini #beverlyhillsmagazine #beverlyhills #bevhillsmag

This gorgeous “Heart of a Hippie” Weave one piece swimwear comes in 5 colors. Look at how intricate the details are in this swimsuit. This perfect to wear during sunset hour in South beach sipping Mojitos.  In the same way, pair it with leather pants and stilettos for a night out. Additionally, wear it with a long boho skirt, gladiator sandals and a fedora hat for a music festival. This piece is a versatile work of art.


Pura Curiosidad Tank One Piece #shop #style #fashion #LuliFama #swimwear #swimsuit #bikini #beverlyhillsmagazine #beverlyhills #bevhillsmag


This Pura Curiosidad Tank One Piece comes in six vibrant colors. It has a ribbed texture that accentuates a woman’s figure. It’s very simple yet cool and elegant at the same time. Additionally, this piece makes one stand out by the beach. It can not only be used for lounging or swimming. Plus, it’s safe to use this piece for sports such as surfing a beach volleyball as well.


Deep V Monokini #fashion #style #shop #swimwear #bikini #swimsuit #LuliFama #beverlyhillsmagazine #bevhillsmag #beverlyhills

This last handpick swimsuit from Luli Fama is the Metallic Deep V Monokini. It comes in three colors and has a ribbed texture. This bold and vibrant piece will have you glowing and shining under the Miami sun. It’s such a fun swimwear to flaunt around as it gives off a Barbie look. It can also be paired with boots and trousers for a night at the club with your best friends. The disco lights reflecting on this piece will definitely make you stand out!

In conclusion, imagine what other wide array of bikinis, swimwear, accessories and dresses are waiting for you at Luli Fama? Check out their online shop at Luli Fama. They also have stores in Miami and Coral Gables, Florida. What are you waiting for? Purchase your Caribbean and Electric Nightlife themed swimwear today!

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