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Alzuarr is a Parisian brand of women’s shoes and handbags. The brand’s goal is to make a powerful woman express more of who they are by their choice of footwear. Furthermore, for Alzuarr, shoes are not merely protective covering but more so a form of expression and that shows character. The elements of design in the shoes show how unique and interesting each piece is. Founded in 2017 by Zeynep Dag, she struggled to achieve her dreams through the making of this creative brand. Her mother was with her along the way, guiding her through every step, pulling through the hard times and finally succeeding with a name in the fashion industry. Let us now take a look at 5 amazing pieces from the brand.


The first extremely beautiful high heels we have here is this elegant and chic Storm snake heels. Made by Italian craftsmen, these heels are made of black calfskin suede. Furthermore, it features wavy snakelike strap forming at the front of the foot, bedazzled with colorful stones. The unique design of this pair is definitely a show stopper. I can imagine wearing this for any formal occasion. Whether it be with a long silk backless gown, or paired with a short neon cocktail dress, you will be a star in these shoes!


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The next Alzuarr piece we have is this elegant and timeless Gyall black with crystals. Made from Nappa leather, the making of this bag costs no harm in the environment. It features a gold hardware Alzuarr logo and buckles on the straps with an exquisite eye catching crystal orchid that is located at its opening. Moreover, this orchid is inspired by Zeynep Dag’s mother. This is the perfect chic accessory for any occasion, and that sparkling orchid is sure to mesmerize anyone who lays its eyes on it. Pair it with a short dress and stilettos for a girl’s night out at the club, or even a gift for your daughter to take with her at her prom. It is a bag that is definitely a must have!


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The third jaw dropping gorgeous shoes we have here is this sophisticated and one of a kind Lady Orchid with silver crystals white.  It features patent leather that has a high gloss finish, making the silhouette sleeker, two parallel high ankle straps and an orchid that has 354 crystals in front of the shoe, which is another addition to the Orchid collection inspired by Dag’s mother. You wouldn’t wanna miss out on this timeless pair. I can imagine wearing this as a pair for a wedding gown, or paired with a mini dress for another formal event.


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The fourth stunning and elegant piece we have is this fabulous Larr white with crystals mini bag. Similarly, it is part of the Orchid collection and is made of Nappa leather, making it ethically handcrafted. Furthermore, it features gold plated buckles at the straps and a gold Alzuarr logo at the front. Of course, the most important of all is the star crystal orchid right at the opening which we also see in the 2 previous pieces. Versatility is a trait of this bag as it ca be both casually worn during the day or the night. Whether you are just shopping, after a lunch at a fancy Beverly Hills restaurant or at at a formal event paired with a white maxi dress and the Lady Orchid with crystals white, this bag will not fail to make you stand out.


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Last but not the least, is this unique and never before seen Merci crystal pumps. Made of soft black fine suede from Italy and detailed with a string of 1038 light-catching crystals on both outer sides of the heels, this pair will definitely put a spark in your movement. Just imagine wearing this pair for a glamorous gala event with a long black form fitting dress or even paired with a short bold colored dress for a good contrast at a nightclub. Wherever you go with this pair, heads will turn.

There you have it! Timeless, chic and fabulous pieces from this awesome Parisian brand we cannot get enough of! To get your handbag or shoes that everyone will surely love. Go and shop here now! To check more fabulous shoe collection from our magazine, click here.

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