Exclusive Escapes: Gilgit, Pakistan

Exclusive-Escapes-Gilgit-Pakistan- Beverly-Hills-Magazine
Exclusive-Escapes-Gilgit-Pakistan- Beverly-Hills-Magazine

Gilgit, Pakistan:

Heaven Unattended

Often you hear of bounties of God unexplored, unexploited by man. Exclusive escapes to Gilgit come under the heading of such bounties of nature. The city of Gilgit located in north-west of Pakistan is a wonder in scenic beauty, but has been neglected over the years due to various reasons. The area of Gilgit is undoubtedly the most spectacular region of Pakistan talking in terms of scenic magnificence and geography. The three mightiest mountain ranges meet here, namely the Himalayas, The Hindukush and The Karakoram. The area of Gilgit Baltistan is like a paradise for trekkers, mountaineers and anglers.  The region of Gilgit Baltistan holds a very rich cultural heritage and diversity of fauna and flora.

Gilgit has many attractions to offer its visitors, making it one of the most unique and exclusive escapes one can find. A prominent one would be Baltit fort, Hunza. The fort has very strong historical value. It can be traced back around 700 years ago. It served as the residence for the rulers of this valley. Another exclusive tourist attraction is ‘Kachura Lake’. The lake is a masterpiece of scenic beauty and is one of its kinds. The lake basically is divided into two parts, upper kachura and lower kachura. These are located in the mountain ranges of Karakorum in the western Himalayas.

Kachura Lake, Gilgit Pakistan
Kachura Lake, Gilgit Pakistan

The beauty of this lake, like most part of Gilgit, is almost unexplored by travelers. The area has rich flora of the subalpine conifer forest, also popular for its apricot. Recreation activities here include trout fishing, hiking and mountaineering. The lower kachura part is also a popular tourist destination. It is renowned for a very exclusive restaurant that has been constructed on the fuselage of a crashed aircraft. Another name for the lower kachura is ‘Shangri-La’, which translates into ‘Heaven on Earth’. The name was given to it because of its breath taking view and spectacular beauty and an atmosphere so peaceful.  Another popular lake of the area would be ‘Khalti Lake’. It is a nice place for an overnight stay, as the lake has a spectacular view.

Just about 10 km from Gilgit, Buddha is carved into a stone face. The gorgeous valley of Naltar is located in the southeast of Gilgit. The luxurious green pastures and green carpeted floor make it a gem of Gilgit. The village is well recognized for its splendid mountain scenery and wildlife. Another beautiful place of the region is ‘Hunza nagar’. This offers an exclusive historical view of Baltit Fort, Altit Fort, Ganish Fort as well as skyscraper mountains. The valley is very popular for hunting exclusive animals like brown beers, Marco polo sheep and wild tigers, etc.

The region of Gilgit Baltistan has great tourism potential and has a number of tourist attractions. Only that political situation of the country is a hindrance in its development. But surely it is one of the marvels of nature with scenic beauty at its best. Gilgit for sure is like Heaven on earth and should definitely be put on your bucket list of exclusive escapes.

Jacqueline Maddison
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