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If you’re a keen student of history and marvels of time attract you, Egypt is the place for you to be. The home of pharaohs has so much to offer. Spending time in Egypt is truly a treat to the senses.   It gives you this wonderful chance to dig the sands of time and travel back in time through the medium of your eyes. With stunning wonders of architecture; the monuments spread all over Egypt would never fail to astonish you. The life style of Egypt is truly amazing and there are so many beautiful places in Egypt to see.

The sights of Egypt are a wonder in themselves. No other place possesses the magic which the deserts of Egypt do. Versatility of Egypt is also a very prominent feature. From the heat of the desert to the cool of turquoise waters, there is just so much to experience. There are various tourist attractions found in any online magazine website, all of them add up to make Egypt an obvious choice for tourists. ‘Giza’ sits at the top of this list of attractions. The site, 20 km from Cairo, contains in itself a few of the most magnificent, oldest and impressive monuments. Including ‘the great pyramid of Giza’ and the ‘Great Sphinx’.

Another prominent destination would be of ‘Luxor’, which is somewhere around 500 km from south of Cairo. The site is at times referred to as ‘the world’s greatest open air museum’. Other popular tourist sites include ‘Saqqara’ and ‘Abu Simbel’. Apart from the site seeing, Egypt has one of the best luxurious hotels in the world like the Concorde El Salam Hotel Cairo, Four Seasons Sharm El Shiekh and Intercontinental Cairo Semiramis.

Places in Egypt
Places in Egypt

There is also a lifestyle to Egypt which is very close to nature. This speaks of purity and the essence of creation. Something, which when experienced, forces you into thinking and realization. The mighty River Nile stands among such scenic beauties. One cannot possibly be in Egypt and miss out on the cruises of the Nile; an experience of cruises of Nile would be a memory forever lived and cherished. An exclusive cruise trip gives you a chance to experience the luxury lifestyle. A typical Nile cruise is a floating hotel, including nightclubs, swimming pools, exercise tubs and what not. Most boats have dance floors with all means of entertainment. Varieties of shows are conducted here, which might include belly dancers, cocktail parties and even dress up parties. These are all exclusive to the tourists from all over the world who travel to Egypt each year.

Not to forget the beaches and exclusive summer resorts of Egypt. The resorts in Egypt are known throughout the world. The likes include Taba, Sharm el-sheikh, Nuweiba and Dahab. Ain sukhna and Alexandria also have quite a few resorts.

Tourism in Egypt is being greatly promoted through the culture and lifestyle; the economic facts and figures depict it very well. Egypt is becoming choice of more and more tourists for the various reasons mentioned above. No other place has the mystery, magic or the pleasures of Egypt. Your senses are just dazzled by the beauty Egypt possesses. You will be enchanted by the magnificence of its temples and monuments which you can read about on any online magazine website. No words can describe the experience your eyes will have coming across the turquoise waters of the Nile.  Discover wonders of history, discover marvels of nature, and discover the lifestyle of Egypt.

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