Erik Coffin: The Golden Boy


A Class Act in Gotham

Erik Coffin is the founder and CEO of Gotham Capital Management, Inc., and Gotham Corporate Group, a full service real estate firm with affiliates including; Gotham Properties International, Gotham Commercial, Gotham Management Group, Inc, Gotham Construction, Inc, Gotham Green Construction and Gotham Architecture. Mr. Coffin operates offices in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Palm Springs and additional offices currently opening in San Francisco and Beijing.

His highly entrepreneurial approach to real estate makes him one of the most successful business leaders in today’s global marketplace.

Erik describes himself as “drawn toward growth, learning, and adventure.” His operating philosophy has, at its core, a truth of looking out for the better of the average man with honest business, quality service and anticipating the needs of all of his clients.


This Batman turned his companies into million dollar Gotham’s. It’s clear why this righteous Golden Boy is prevailing, in every aspect.

We could say it began with his humble upbringing. His father was a Native American artist who eventually went on to be featured at the Rose Garden in the White House, international embassies, and a list of celebrity homes. Erik’s mother was an interior decorator. As a child his family was poor and he learned how to run business from a young age. He remembers his childhood as a “magical” time where creativity reigned. This blue-collar boy often looked out for his fellow working neighbor while earning a buck, by offering to shovel snow, wash cars, even working the 4 a.m. paper route throughout grade school. Erik’s character seeps of compassion and responsibility. He has a tremendous capacity to understand the needs of his fellow compatriot, undoubtedly the fundamental trait in keeping his businesses successful.

These social skills helped him navigate the waters of foster care throughout his childhood. This is truly a man who understands the burden of the average man. After high school, Erik found work on an Alaskan salmon boat and in fisheries working 16 hour days and still asking for more work. He was bit early on by the business bug, “I loved being able to provide and the freedom that came with the independence of money and capital that I could earn after a fair day of work.” The creativity and pragmatic atmosphere that work gave him a clarity and “mental health” that propelled him into his subsequent ventures.

His business endeavors led him to sales, as many of the greats do, hustling with the best in the perfume and cologne business. Soon thereafter, he owned wholesale outlets in several states and quickly rose to the top.

Erik later ended up traveling the world, and after several years in Hollywood as a very successful fine art painter, Erik was bestowed the blessing of fatherhood. He was to become a father. He describes it as, “a big change in me, in my spirit.” Suddenly, another business motivation was awakened in him. He began flipping properties in a low-income neighborhood. He began learning about house restoration from reading books and watching YouTube videos on laying tile and building cabinetry. He literally taught himself these skills by learning, reading, and watching from the ground up. Once he conquered the house-flipping industry, he bought a book on real estate, and the rest as they say is history.

Gotham Properties
Gotham Properties

He purchased his first home and made a 50% return. Just timing you might say? Nope. He did it again, and again, and again. His knack for real estate, mixed with a killer personality, and a do-right mentality are a lethal combination. Good thing this Batman is on the righteous team. He’s so successful, and deserves it all. When asked the key to his success, Erik notes, “Having a long term, viable business model that supports quality of life and doing the right thing first and profit second.” The difference between Erik and everyone else; his lifestyle truly reflects his beliefs.

Gotham’s business includes commercial real estate spanning the greater Los Angeles area as well as dozens of private listings, commercial and residential construction projects, property management, their own private equity funds, asset management for other funds, high net worth Chinese investor relations, and consulting for American Indian tribal investments. Gotham Capital Management and Gotham Corporate Group, under Erik’s direction, provides a one-stop-shop, vertically integrated, roll out red carpet real estate firm.

His most recent acquisition? Gotham Corporate Group has just secured three large projects in Beverly Hills: A 22,000 square foot ground up custom home construction where Gotham beat out A-list area’s toughest competition, winning the architectural, construction, landscaping, and interior design contracts, in addition to two other residential homes. Furthermore, in terms of estate management and cultural heritage project management, GCM has been working hand-in-hand with the Chinese community in Beverly Hills, managing their estates and residential rental properties.

Erik believes that the greatest value is a long term, mutually beneficial business relationship, which is why he services the children and grandchildren of his clients. As he personally notes, “Having a home, friends, and family is a great feeling.” He wants to offer this security to all of his clients, and, is happy to help maintain these assets. This is the path he is continuing on, both personally and professionally.

Erik has built Gotham Corporate Group into the only comprehensive, full-service real estate firm of its kind servicing Los Angeles, Palm Desert, and the global marketplace.

To this day, his business motto is: Great success comes from developing a creative, honest atmosphere with the best possible service to clients. Erik and Gotham are truly revolutionizing real estate.

 He takes the good road, the honest road, every time. Well done.

Cheers to the business Batman.


Jacqueline Maddison is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Beverly Hills Magazine. She believes in shining light on the best of the best in life. She welcomes you into the world of the rich and famous with the ultimate luxury lifestyle.
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