Entrepreneurship: Five Types of Risks New Businesses Face

Entrepreneurship -101-Beverly-Hills-Magazine
Entrepreneurship -101-Beverly-Hills-Magazine

Initiating a business is a good way to secure your future financially, but it does not mean that it’s guaranteed to succeed. It is important to consider several factors from stock market prices to ethics in business to tax planning to money management when venturing into entrepreneurship.

A new business faces a number of significant risks that cannot be completely removed, but can be controlled by money management and proper planning. To help you in your business and entrepreneurship, below are some of the main risks a new business faces.

1. Competition

If your business isn’t of a particularly specialized niche, it’s possible that others may be operating a similar business in nature. Your competitors are likely to have a few advantages which include an already established customer base, experienced employees as well as a better pricing power. You should evaluate the level of competition as well as research on your competitors which are ahead of time to ease these risks. You can also use this business magazine to keep updated on some of the latest information and success techniques to apply in effective entrepreneurship.

You should plan keeping your competitor’s strategy and likely act in mind so that this risk factor can be minimized.

2. Licensing Requirements or Legal and Political Risk

Many businesses such as salons and bars bear a very strict licensing requirement in most states. This is to do with the changing political and legal environment that may change how your business functions. What will you do if a new law is passed tomorrow that render your business void? Such extreme conditions are rare, but a reality. These conditions are not generally in your hand as the rules are made by the authorities. Nonetheless, you should keep this factor in mind when planning a new business venture.

3. Cost Overruns or Operational Risk

It might not be possible to tell ahead of time the exact costs involved in opening a business, but you perform a research on your part and find out rent, employment costs, and inventory costs; during the start-up phase of your business you can still be blindsided by unexpected costs. Entrepreneurship requires a big investment of not just money but time and energy. It’s best to be as prepared as possible for some of these costs.

Failing to correctly account for the unexpected costs, you could land up without the cash you require to pay salaries, restock inventory and keep your doors open. It’s a good idea to perform budgeting for unforeseen circumstances, as cost overruns can pose hazard to your new business.
You can also consult the wealth management division for financial advice as money is scarce and should be used wisely.

4. Employee Problems

While you’re running a business, the employees you hire become the face of your business. If wrong people are hired, you could put your entire operation at risk. If poor customer service is provided by the employees to the public, your company’s reputation could be at stake; this poor customer service could also put you out of business in extreme cases. Your business could face significant risks in case the employees hired engage in unethical and illegal activity like embezzling funds to committing crimes while on duty. Plus, high turnover is another issue. In order to be on the safe side your company’s HR department should hire competent people and keep them motivated. True entrepreneurship requires the ability to hire and manage the right team of people to ensure your business success.

5. Technological Risk

Get your hands on a business magazine to see how quickly technology is changing. What’s in today is considered obsolete tomorrow. In order to survive in today’s cut throat competition of entrepreneurship, every business has to innovate so that it can meet people’s requirements and continue to be viable in today’s business times and the future as well.

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