Entrepreneur Insight: 5 Office Tips For Productivity

Entrepreneur Insight: 5 Office Tips For Productivity
Entrepreneur Insight: 5 Office Tips For Productivity

If you a budding entrepreneur, these useful insights will help you get started as you venture off into the world of business. Offices are places of great potential, and the output of a company is largely either controlled by, or the result of, an office. Finding ways to ensure that your successful office maintains a high level of productivity at all times can be very challenging, not least of all because every employee is an individual and has their own working habits and needs.

There are several things that connect each person in your office, though, and these factors can be relied on to either increase productivity with their presence, or decrease it with their absence. Things like the presence of a Colebrook Bosson Saunders dual screen monitor increasing the productivity of  worker is clear cut, because a larger desktop area on their computer means more ability to multitask and achieve more overall. For more ways office layouts affect productivity, read on.

Entrepreneur Insight: 5 Office Tips For Productivity

Walking Time

One thing that can seem obvious to some but not to others is the time spent walking around the office to get supplies or other things. If you have photocopy machines in your office, how much time do your employees spend walking between their desks and the machine on average? The answer is often unusually high for such a simple and common task.

So, try to center your main units of common ground, like the office water dispenser or photocopy machines, so that everyone has as short a route to them as possible. This slight adjustment can make a great deal of difference in the long run for your productivity.

Natural Light

Natural light is usually overlooked for the role it plays in human health and day-to-day productivity.

A good source of natural light in an office environment not only helps to improve worker moods, but also boosts energy levels, concentration levels, and wakefulness in employees. Arranging your office area to keep all large or tall cabinets and storage places away from the windows in your office space can let more light in, allowing your workers to benefit from the aforementioned effects.

Entrepreneur Insight: 5 Office Tips For Productivity

Co-Worker Proximity

Some people don’t do well with co-worker proximity.

The closer another person is to you, the less you’re able to concentrate, and the less you can concentrate the less work you get done. Aiming for an even spread of employees across your office space is a good idea, as it stops any buildup of people from occurring at any given area.


Distractions are terrible for productivity, and the only thing that can be more damaging to your productivity can be a lack of motivation. An office building in a city area can have all sorts of sounds and sights going on just outside the window, so your employees will naturally be more interested in that than their work from time to time. To prevent or reduce this draw, try installing soundproof windows, as these can help to cut out the noise pollution.

Desktop Cleanliness 

The cleanliness of each individual physical desktop should be taken into account as well, as a messy desktop can be a sign of a distracted or disorganized mind. This isn’t always an employee’s fault, sometimes it can be a mark of working incredibly hard over long periods of time. Try to encourage your employees to keep an organised, clean desk surface at all times to promote a healthy level of cleanliness and avoid mental clutter.

With these tips, keeping your team productive should be simple and straightforward. The key is finding what works for your people as a whole, and implementing that as a standard. Work hard at it and persist and before you know it your team will be passing productivity goals like nothing else!

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