Embroidery: The comeback fashion trend

Beverly hills magazine embroidery the comeback fashion trend
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Anyone who has been in a shoe store recently knows that embroidered sneakers are very popular with young girls. Once predominantly used for flowers, butterflies, and other nature-inspired accents, many different images are now created with embroidery.

You will see plenty of embroidery on everything from handbags to, jackets, belts, and dresses. It adds color and imagination to any garment.

Embroidered Jackets

The pinstripe suit jacket is a part of many a person’s wardrobes. They look classy and business-like and you can pair them with a plain black skirt or a black pair of pants. You can personalize that stodgy old style by wearing a jacket with embroidered pinstripes.  

You will find embroidery on many a classic wardrobe essential. Some manufacturers currently offering several classic black woman’s jackets with embroidered flowers. You are likely to see pants with embroidery at the waistline as well. Embroidery can give a plain-looking suit a more feminine style.

Also, you can dress up casual coats and jackets with embroidery. You can put little flowers and vines around the collar of a jean jacket or add an elaborate design to the back of it. Children’s jackets can be accentuated with images of a favorite cartoon or video game character. 

You can take a plain spring jacket and embroider a spring image on to it or embroider snowflakes onto a drab old pea coat. You can do the same thing with cheap gloves and hats that you can purchase at a discount store.

Adding a Personal Touch

The advent of the computerized sewing machine has enabled anyone to create their own design and put it on an article of clothing. You can go to one of several different websites and use online tools to create a pattern or simply type a joke or sentiment that you would like to see on a shirt mask or handbag. 

You will find companies on the internet that can embroider your design on your choice of products. If you want to sell your design to other people they can print your design on an on-demand basis.  The Printful website has more information on custom embroidery designs. 

Floral Embroidery 

Floral embroidery on wedding dresses, peasant shirts, and sundresses has never gone out of style. Hipsters are bringing back ultra femininity and you are likely to see more elaborate floral patterns on bras, underpants, and pajamas.

Moreover, embroidery is one of the most intrinsic forms of needlework that a sewing enthusiast can master. It is very hard to sew the rather thick threads in a pattern without making a mess. Fortunately, there are automated sewing machines that can do the hard work for you.

Although it may seem impersonal and untraditional, machines actually create a much more accurate image and the threads are less likely to come loose. If you can program a pattern into a sewing machine, the creative possibilities are endless. 

Finally, technology will give everyone, even those who are too clumsy to sew, the opportunity to express themselves with fashion. You can make fabulous embroidered clothing without going blind in the process.


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