Elizabeth Hall: A Journey from Constipation to Entrepreneurial Inspiration

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Meet Elizabeth Hall, the visionary founder behind Travel-eeze, a game-changing product from eeze Natural Health. In an exclusive interview with Beverly Hills Magazine, Elizabeth shares her remarkable journey from the heart of California’s Central Valley to becoming a dedicated entrepreneur committed to revolutionizing travel experiences.

Elizabeth’s story begins in Modesto, California, where her passion for travel and exploration ignited at a young age. Now residing in Pasadena with her loving husband and faithful companion, Charlie the dog, Elizabeth reflects on her entrepreneurial spirit, honed during nearly a decade in the real estate industry.

In this interview, Elizabeth Hall shares her profound insights into entrepreneurship, the challenges and rewards of her journey, her personal inspirations, and the mission of eeze Natural Health. She emphasizes the company’s dedication to enhancing travel experiences by addressing a common yet often overlooked issue – vacation constipation.

Beverly Hills Magazine:  Tell us your name and your personal history, where were you born, where you grew up, your family, currently living where? A little background about yourself.

Elizabeth Hall: My name is Elizabeth Hall, I was born in the heart of California’s Central Valley, in Modesto. From the earliest days, I felt drawn to traveling and exploring the world. I currently reside in Pasadena Ca. with my loving husband and our dog named Charlie. I believe that I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I’ve been in real estate for almost 10 years now.  I believe my experience in real estate and health issues suffered when traveling prepared me for my new business,  eeze Natural Health. Through my travel eeze product, I help people enjoy their vacations, work trips or just being out and about without having to worry about bowel issues. Personally, the product has helped me overcome chronic travel constipation, and I know it will help many out there going through the same condition.

Beverly Hills Magazine:  What does it mean to be an entrepreneur?

Elizabeth Hall: To me starting a business or following an idea is only one aspect of becoming an entrepreneur. It’s a method of thinking, living, and approaching challenges and opportunities in a special way. Entrepreneurs are the catalyst for innovation, economic expansion, and societal advancement. Entrepreneurs are, in my opinion, dreamers who make their dreams come true. Although the entrepreneurial journey is difficult, it is also incredibly gratifying since it gives people the chance to make a difference in the world and mold the future in their own unique way.

Beverly Hills Magazine:  When did you start your business and why?

Elizabeth Hall: I officially launched Eeze Natural Health on July 28th, 2023 but have been working on my product and the business for a couple of years prior. I’ve struggled with health issues for much of my life, including frequent bouts of constipation. My constipation became worse whenever I traveled. Over-the-counter remedies didn’t help and I struggled with their side effects. I finally had enough. After extensive research, I created a supplement using natural ingredients including flaxseed, vitamin C, magnesium, and cascara–a safe and natural alternative to drugstore laxatives. Travel Eeze has made me fall in love with traveling again. I can eat, drink, and enjoy myself without giving constipation a second thought.

Beverly Hills Magazine:  What is the most challenging thing about being an entrepreneur?

Elizabeth Hall: There are many different kinds of difficulties that entrepreneurs may encounter on their various paths to success. The most difficult part of becoming an entrepreneur can be different for everyone, but all of them put a person’s strength, perseverance, and flexibility to the test. Despite these significant challenges, many entrepreneurs find the path to be richly rewarding since it allows them to live out their dreams, make an influence on the world, and do what they love.

Beverly Hills Magazine:  The most rewarding?

Elizabeth Hall: Being an entrepreneur is more than simply a choice of a profession; it’s a way of life that delivers benefits that go above and beyond monetary gain. The many benefits of the entrepreneurial journey include creative freedom, influence, financial independence, personal growth, work-life flexibility, enthusiasm, problem-solving, and networking. While difficulties are a necessary component of entrepreneurship, it is the rewards that encourage people to forge untrodden paths and work to change the world.

Beverly Hills Magazine: What is your business or product mission?

Elizabeth Hall: At eeze Natural Health we are committed to making your vacations more enjoyable and stress-free by addressing a common yet often overlooked issue – vacation constipation. We understand that while travel and relaxation are essential for your well-being, digestive discomfort can quickly turn your dream vacation into an unpleasant experience. That’s why our business mission is centered around providing a solution that enhances your travel adventures by promoting digestive health with our vitamin and mineral-packed product Travel-eeze. It helps you go when on the go!

“Our mission is to empower travelers to explore the world with confidence and comfort by offering a natural and effective solution to vacation constipation. We are dedicated to promoting digestive wellness and ensuring that travel memories are defined by joy, not discomfort.”

Elizabeth Hall: A Journey from Constipation to Entrepreneurial Inspiration #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #beverlyhills #naturalhealth #elizabethhall #vacationconstipation

Beverly Hills Magazine:  What have been major obstacles/stepping stones that you overcame to achieve your success?

Elizabeth Hall: eeze Natural Health has faced enormous challenges and pivotal turning points. Our product, Travel-eeze, which is intended to relieve vacation constipation, has faced its fair share of difficulties along the way to success; competing with well-known brands that have substantial marketing budgets and market share is particularly difficult. It’s difficult to establish a presence and set ourselves out from the competition. But we are doing it slowly and every stepping stone along the way helps us grow. A major stepping stone is that we welcomed innovation and concentrated on what made Travel-eeze special, namely its all-natural formulation specifically suited to stomach problems associated with travel. We are gradually establishing market recognition and consumer trust by highlighting the efficiency of our product and customer reviews.

We look forward to continued growth and innovation in the service of our valued customers which is our road to success.

Beverly Hills Magazine:  Who or what have been your inspirations?

Elizabeth Hall: I have many people and many things that inspire me daily. My mom is one of my biggest inspirations, she’s definitely a boss lady, my husband inspires me every day, he is such a hard worker, I admire his ability to not sweat the small stuff. I have so many books and authors that have inspired me. One was Kathleen Cameron, she wrote a short little book called “Becoming the One” and it was so inspiring to me. I thank her for reconnecting me to my spirituality. We have also become friends and that inspired me to never be afraid to reach out. You never know what the universe has to offer.

Beverly Hills Magazine:  What makes your business different from others of its kind?

Elizabeth Hall: We at eeze Natural Health are not simply another company that sells health supplements. We are a customer-focused business that is devoted to making travelers lives better. Our product, Travel-eeze, is a monument to our commitment to excellence, security, and efficacy. Our dedication to solving the unique problem of travelers constipation and our everlasting dedication to our client’s well-being is what genuinely distinguish us from the competition. We look forward to continuing our mission to improve everyone’s travel experience.

Beverly Hills Magazine:  Greatest lesson you’ve learned on your success journey?

Elizabeth Hall: Our journey with Travel-eeze in the health supplement industry has been a profound learning experience. The greatest lesson we’ve embraced is the power of empathetic innovation. By understanding our customers’ pain points, actively listening to feedback, adapting and evolving, educating and empowering, and maintaining a customer-centric approach, we’ve not only achieved success but have also made a positive impact on the lives of travelers facing vacation constipation.

This lesson serves as a guiding principle for eeze Natural Health as we continue our mission to provide innovative and empathetic solutions that enhance the well-being of our customers. In every step of our journey, we are reminded that our success is deeply intertwined with the well-being and satisfaction of those we serve, and it is this understanding that propels us toward new heights of achievement and service.

Beverly Hills Magazine:  Three words that best describe you and why?

Elizabeth Hall: I’m a doer, I don’t just talk about doing something someday. I just do it and figure it out along the way.  I’m passionate about life and about what I spend my time doing. I’m passionate about running a successful business and living the life of my dreams. I consider myself empathetic. I created Travel-eeze because I suffered from constipation most of my life and I know what my customers have experienced. This was from a personal pain point and I was able to help myself with my product and I want to help others with it too.

Beverly Hills Magazine:  How do you balance your professional and personal life?

Elizabeth Hall: Balancing professional and personal life is an ongoing journey—one that requires adaptability, prioritization, and an unwavering commitment to what truly matters. I cherish both my family and our business, and we are dedicated to ensuring that both aspects of our lives thrive in harmony in the best way possible.

Beverly Hills Magazine: How do you take care of your spiritual self?

Elizabeth Hall: I consider myself a spiritual person, the first and most important thing to me is that I pray. I pray daily for guidance, for support, and for my loved ones. I also love being in nature because it makes me feel close to my spirituality. Also, I love being in nature, the great outdoors is very spiritual to me and brings me peace and calmness.

Beverly Hills Magazine: If you had to give a piece of advice to aspiring entrepreneurs out there, what would it be?

Elizabeth Hall: I hate to sound like the Nike slogan, but my advice is to just do it! What are you waiting for? You only have one life and life is short. So just do it!

Beverly Hills Magazine:  What is “success” to you? Define success.

Elizabeth Hall: Success to me is financial freedom. Freedom to work for yourself and make enough money to live the life of your dreams. And everyone has different dreams. For me, I want to travel when I want to travel and not give it a second thought, just do it!

Beverly Hills Magazine:  Have you discovered a personal purpose in what you do?

Elizabeth Hall: My personal purpose I’ve discovered is rooted in my own travel experiences. I’ve encountered the discomfort of vacation constipation myself, and these experiences ignited a passion to create a solution. My journey became personal, as I empathized with the countless travelers who faced similar challenges.

I’ve found meaning in enhancing the well-being of travelers by addressing vacation constipation through our product Travel-eeze.

Beverly Hills Magazine: If you had one wish that would be granted, what would you wish for?

Elizabeth Hall: I wish I spoke multiple languages so that I could communicate with all the people I encountered on my travels.

Elizabeth Hall’s remarkable journey, chronicled in this exclusive interview with Beverly Hills Magazine, exemplifies the spirit of entrepreneurship and the power of personal passion. From her roots in California’s Central Valley to her current residence in Pasadena, Elizabeth’s life has been a tapestry of exploration, dedication, and innovation.

Her transition from a successful real estate career to the world of entrepreneurship was driven by a personal struggle with health issues, particularly constipation during travel. Through unwavering determination and extensive research, she created Travel-eeze, a natural supplement that promises to liberate travelers from the discomfort of vacation constipation.

Elizabeth’s insights into the essence of entrepreneurship transcend mere business ventures. She defines it as a unique way of thinking, living, and tackling life’s challenges. She also believes entrepreneurs, are dreamers who transform their dreams into reality, even in the face of adversity. Her journey is a testament to this philosophy.

Through the highs and lows of her entrepreneurial voyage, Elizabeth emphasizes the importance of empathetic innovation and staying customer-centric. Her success is not merely measured in financial gains but in the positive impact she has made on the lives of travelers, ensuring their well-being and comfort.

Elizabeth Hall’s personal purpose is beautifully encapsulated in her commitment to addressing vacation constipation. Her journey serves as an inspiration to all those who wish to make a difference in the world through entrepreneurship.

To learn more about Elizabeth Hall and the transformative products offered by eeze Natural Health, visit her website at eezeNaturalHealth.com and also check out her insightful podcast, “The Gutsy Babe with Liz Hall.” In the end, Elizabeth’s story is not just about business success but about embracing one’s passion, making a positive impact, and turning dreams into reality, one innovative step at a time.

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