Dream Cars: Delage D12 Supercar

Beverly Hills Magazine Dreams Cars Delage D12

Super fast cars have evolved largely over the years to not just become faster but also more futuristic in design and performance. Certainly, we have seen a lot of superfast car releases this year, but that of Delage D12 supercar is a signature we just have to recognize as an important milestone in the world of car luxury. Delage D12’s aggressive and clean design drives inspiration from Formula1 brand. And, it has gained reputation as the new heir and even king of the mainstream legal road.

So, if you’ve heard something about Delage D12, you need must obtain the full gist about this supercar whose extreme performance and pleasure-premium design is worth giving some attention. In this article, I’ll help you cut through the overarching details of Delage D12 supercar.

Beverly Hills Magazine Dreams Cars Delage D12

About Delage D12

Delage D12 supercar is street-certified sports car manufactured in 2021 by the French car company Delage. With a 7.6L V12 engine that fires up to 990HP of thermal capacity in directly coupling with another 110HP of electric motor engine, it delivers a massive total of 1,110 HP. Original conceived in 2019 by Delage owners to be a hybrid street-legal sports luxury car, Delage D12 is the first of its kind as a superfast, futuristic designed car to be road-legal.

It is a four-wheel drive and the engine is strategically position as mid-engine in a careful engineering process that centralizes on equilibrium lay-out and optimal weight-power performance. In addition, it is a 2-door coupe supercar.


The Delage D12 supercar has the architecture of a Formula1 (F1) car, with monocoque and frontal cradle box in carbon fibre. Now, Inspired by F1 and fighter jets, it is wide and ultra-low. Additionally, it has an aerodynamics that is entirely novel in the in the history of entirely-novel aerodynamics for road-legal cars. Also, the V12 engine sits in the mid-body. This is to ensure a stable body structure as it should be for a sports car. For doors, it has cockpit openings as in fighter jets without any door.

Delage 12 supercar has got only two seats, which configure in tandem position to optimize its performance further. Additionally, its contractive suspension feature is the same that revolutionised F1. This is exciting and will definitely interest you.

Interior Design

The clean and aggressive engineering of Delage D12 supercar does not sacrifice luxury on the alter of performance. For this reason, the new king of road-supercars has an awe-inspiring interior any sports lover will find worthy of the hype. Delage D12’s interior  contains two seaters place in tandem configuration that ensure power and weight distribution that makes the car extreme on the road. The steering wheel is the fighter-jet two-joysticks set which mold on the driver’s hands. Also, the 8-speed gearbox sit princely at the usual right-to-steering-wheel position in the luxury-inspired interior.

Now, the seats are molded in the driver’s body for a comfortable feel, with the leg support provide maximal ease on the driver’s leg.

Finally, Delage D12 has an audio system from Focal. Focal is reputed to be the best in the world of audio systems for cars. This is also a co-branded home sound system that gives a homey feel.

Beverly Hills Magazine Dreams Cars Delage D12

Delage D12 Supercar Price

The masterpiece of engineering with extreme sporty performance that is definitely not cheap, but it is a luxury worth the $2,500,000 price tag.

Final Take

Talk of eccentricity, speed, style, and performance for superfast cars for road usage, the Delage fits the bill. The Delage D12- a favourite for futuristic car lovers.

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