Dream Cars: 2020 McLaren BP23

Dream Cars: 2020 McLaren BP23
Dream Cars: 2020 McLaren BP23

When it comes to innovative dream cars, McLaren never fails to deliver. And the upcoming 2020 McLaren BP23 is shaping up to be one of the most innovative and unique cars ever. Working with a center-seat model, this looks like something right out of a futuristic sci-fi film. And that’s not a bad thing by any means. But as we all know, looks aren’t everything when it comes to cars. So join us as we explore how the BP23 stacks against other supercars in the market.

Dream Cars: 2020 McLaren BP23

Under the Hood

Before we begin, remember that McLaren has yet to reveal too many details about the upcoming BP23. But, the company has revealed just enough to hype us up for this cool car’s release. So we’ll let you in on all it has to offer so far. Currently, we know that McLaren plans to integrate a hybrid drivetrain that will offer more than 1,000 horsepower. But how much speed will this actually offer?

We don’t have any exact numbers yet. But CEO Mike Flewitt claims this will be the fastest McLaren street car of all time. Now those are some big words from the British carmaker. And while speed is a pretty broad term, we’re excited to see how this car will top the record-breaking speeds of the P1—the car that rushed from 0-60 mph in 2.4 seconds.

These speeds almost sound like a racecar, right? But McLaren claims its not designing these fast cars for the racetracks. Instead, this supercar is intended to offer one of the smoothest and most elegant drives ever on public roads. But with so much power and speed, we’re pretty sure this car will excel on both turfs.


Again, we haven’t actually seen a completed BP23 yet, so the design is likely to receive a few changes by the time of release. But we can already say that this supercar is heading the right direction in terms of design. So far, we know the BP23 will offer a teardrop-shaped body. So you can expect some sleek curves to offer a strong aerodynamic design—after all, this will be the fastest street-legal McLaren.

It’s also likely that the doors will open slightly into the roof to allow easy access into this center-seat car.

Illustrations By Radovan Varicak
Illustrations By Radovan Varicak


Stepping inside the 2020 McLaren BP 23 is where things will become even more interesting. Already, McLaren revealed plans to make this car a three-seater for a pretty innovative design. Within its test cars, the BP23 has also tested a digital wing mirror system. This is where the car will place screens near the roof for a new means of checking traffic. Overall, this sounds like an innovative means of visibility for a center-seat car. Plus, who knows, these mirrors might even become the norm for future cars. But for now, we can definitely say the concept sounds promising.

Lastly, the British carmaker claimed that the BP23 will be the most luxurious McLaren of all time. We don’t have any details of luxury features yet. But we can only imagine the amounts of comfort and cool features this dream car will offer.

Dream Cars: 2020 McLaren BP23

How Much Will The 2020 McLaren BP 23 Cost?

McLaren will offer a starting MSRP of $2.5 million for this supercar. McLaren only plans to build 106 of these dream cars—and all of them already sold. So you can’t buy one directly from the manufacturer at the moment. But if you plan to import one of these cars while living in the US, you will need to follow Show and Display laws—this means you can only drive it 2,500 miles per year since the US does not yet allow for center-seat models to drive on its roads.

Final Thoughts

Overall, McLaren is certainly offering a promising new car design with the 2020 McLaren BP23. As a whole, this car seems to mirror that of the F1, which was a stellar car back in 1992. So we’re definitely interested in seeing how some of these design choices evolved for 2020.

At the end of the day, it’s hard not to feel hyped over such an innovative and cool design for a supercar. And we cannot wait to see how fast McLaren’s fastest streetcar will actually go. Thus, 2020 can’t seem to arrive soon enough!

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(Images Courtesy of McLaren Automotive)


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