Dog Food for Active Dogs: What to Look For?

Dog Food for Active Dogs: What to Look For? #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #dogfood #dogownership #activedog #typeofdogfood #proteinsource
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Dogs are truly a human’s best friend. Since they provide us with the unconditional love we crave, many studies have shown that dog ownership has real and tangible benefits for humans. Dogs can pick us up when we feel down and add purpose to our lives.

If you have an active dog, that gives them the best chance to be healthy. You can get food for them like Orijen dog food that can keep them energetic and strong.

You may not feel sure what kind of food you should get for your active dog, though. We will talk about what to look for right now.

Consult with Your Vet

The first thing that makes sense to do is to talk to your dog’s vet about what kind of food you should get them. Your vet will probably have opinions about what brands of food are the best and also what type of food you should get for your particular breed of dog. You can trust the vet since they likely have plenty of experience in this area.

You Want a Kind of Food with Plenty of Protein

One thing you will want to look for in the kind of dog food you get is a good deal of protein. If you have an active dog who likes to play all day, they need protein to do that. You should find a type of dog food that has a protein source, like venison, chicken, beef, or turkey. Any of those are excellent protein options.

You should look at the dog food can or bag to see that the protein source is the first ingredient. This means that there is more of that ingredient than any other.

You should also look for a kind of dog food that does not have a lot of corn, soybeans, or other additives or byproducts. It can be okay to have a little of that as a filler, but it should not comprise the majority of the ingredients.

You Want Dog Food Without a Ton of Ingredients You Don’t Recognize

In some respects, you can shop for dog food for a healthy, active dog in the same way you would shop for yourself if you want to stay active and healthy. That means looking at the ingredients of the food you’re getting your dog and seeing whether the food’s composition contains anything that you can’t readily identify.

If you see a lot of ingredients that sound like chemicals, that’s probably a bad sign. You should try to get food that has very few ingredients, and you should know what each of those ingredients is. If you get past the primary protein source and start reading through a long list of chemical additives, that is less than ideal. You can discard that brand and look for other options.

Finally, you should monitor your dog to see whether they seem to have any kind of an adverse reaction. Some dogs can have sensitivity to certain ingredients.

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