The Best Dog Breeds to Have as Puppies

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If you are looking for your next puppy, you may be overwhelmed by the number of options available. While all dog breeds are undeniably cute as puppies, there are multiple factors to consider outside of their appearance when choosing the best puppy – such as temperament or trainability.  

The dog breeds that are often thought of as easiest to raise as puppies include some of the most popular breeds in the U.S. around. In a chicken-and-egg-type scenario, because these are the most popular dog breeds, their puppies also tend to be highly sought after. This makes it pay to do your homework so that you can move quickly when you find a dog you truly desire.

When considering the following breeds, remember the following two facts about puppies: they will often grow several times their size once reaching adulthood and they are a lot of work to care for. So, make sure you will have both the space needed for your dog as an adult and the time required to adequately care for it.

Listed below are several of the best dog breeds to have as puppies and insight into why that is.


Rottweilers are adorable puppies that grow into medium-sized dogs. They are generally calm, loyal, and confident with the right socialization and training. These dogs thrive on a human connection. 

Living with their owner is instrumental to forming and maintaining this bond, so be sure that you’ll have room to care for a full-grown rottweiler indoors before bringing home that adorable black and brown pup. With consistent and fair (not rough) discipline, you can raise a well-adjusted and confident rottweiler free from any of the negative stereotypes that are sometimes associated with this particular dog.


Everyone knows what beagles bring to the table – puppy dog eyes, and adorable head tilts. These adorable puppies grow to be just as adorable as adults. The best part? These dogs love dogs, so they are a great addition to owners that already have a dog at home. 

Beagles traditionally hunt in packs, so these dogs thrive on companionship. If you already have a dog, a beagle puppy may be the answer to your puppy prayers. Beagles are also highly intelligent. With any luck, your old dog could soon be teaching your puppy new tricks.

It is important to mention that beagles are slow-developing dogs. This means that they don’t reach full size until around 18 months. So don’t be alarmed if your beagle is still growing past the year marker. 

French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are one of the most popular dog breeds around in recent years. The one thing to immediately consider is your budget since puppies often go for thousands of dollars from the right breeder. French bulldogs (or “Frenchies”) are compact and sturdy, making them perfect city dogs. 

They are generally friendly to new friends, both human and canine. Full-grown frenchies don’t require much exercise outdoors and they are not very vocal – making them excellent neighbors. Good breeding can ensure that your dog grows up free of the health issues that can plague this breed, so make sure you verify that you are shopping with a reputable breeder. If you don’t, you could end up paying big time with vet bills.


For those that haven’t had the chance to see a greyhound puppy take its first tentative steps, imagine a baby deer skidding across a frozen pond, then you have an idea of how adorable one can be. This video gives you an idea of how cute Greyhound pups can be. 

They have easy to care for coats, but they are highly energetic – and extremely fast, as they were originally bred for racing. Greyhounds are known for being calm and quiet, even though they can have an occasional case of the “zoomies”. They are great to have as puppies because even at a young age, they are amiable in all situations. 

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers are not only great dogs as adults, but they make for adorable pups as well. Naturally intelligent and curious, labrador puppies will explore their living space fully and can get into trouble if not adequately monitored. When given the proper outlets, however, these puppies can be a great joy to raise.

Labradors come in a variety of colors, some, such as silver-coated dogs, are rarer than others. This is why if you come across silver labrador puppies for sale, it is best to act quickly, as specific colors of lab puppies can move quite quickly. Additionally, you can’t be certain when a particular color will be found again.


Vizsla puppies are some of the cutest you’ll be lucky enough to see. Boasting wrinkly, caramel-colored coats, they are a sight to see. Their highly adaptable and trainable disposition makes vizslas a great choice for first-time puppy owners. These dogs are good with children and strangers alike – just be sure to spend plenty of quality time together to keep their growing brains occupied. A bored vizsla puppy will find something to do and you might not like what they pick. 

It is common for vizslas to be used for hunting, even at a young age. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, this pup could be the perfect option for you. Note that although they are on the energetic side, they are highly adaptable to their surrounding.

Picking the Right Puppy Takes Time

As you come out of the grocery store and see puppies in the parking lot, it can be tempting to want to default to “take my money.” It is important to realize that beyond that cute exterior, there is an animal that is going to take ongoing, intentional effort – and training young is vitally important. Be sure that you have the time, money, and space for a puppy and that you take your time picking the perfect one for you and your situation. This should be a decision made on a whim, as it is a lifelong commitment. 

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