Doctor to the Stars: Dr. David Nazarian

Doctor to the Stars
Doctor to the Stars

Meet the doctor to the stars and to every family who seeks customized and personal concierge health care from a trusted professional, Dr. David Nazarian, who’s bringing true meaning back to “Family Doctor.”

His Beverly Hills medical practice, My Concierge MD, offers full service comprehensive medical care from the comfort of your own home or on location wherever your needs might require it, or you may visit his office for any of your personal services as well.

For individuals whose lives are full and responsibilities varied, concierge medicine provides both the convenience and quality of care at an exclusive VIP level. A doctor visit to your home, hotel, or place of work by a Board Certified Physician can easily be arranged. At My Concierge MD, you and your loved ones will gain 24 hour access to your own private physician – a truly dedicated concierge doctor in Los Angeles. You will also have access to an elite network of top industry professionals if ever you need them, as Dr. David Nazarian has made sure that in any event, his patients can be well taken care of.

Dr. David Nazarian
Dr. David Nazarian

What makes your practice different from others? “We operate a fee for service business as well as an annual membership program that tailors custom personal and medical care to our patients. Members can benefit from highly advanced technologies right here in our office giving them privacy and comfort, while also adhering to a customized preventive program including nutrition (Mrs. Desiree Nazarian, his wife, manages these programs for patients) and lifestyle recommendations to ensure optimal health and well being. We also provide our patients with VIP medical access to the world’s leading doctors, specialists, hospitals, medical institutions, screening diagnostic testing equipment and the latest treatment options. We’re not a volume based business. We bring ‘the heart’ back into the medical field by truly taking good care of our patients and giving them the special care and attention that they deserve. That everyone deserves”

My Concierge MD Vision: To transform and ultimately change how people view modern healthcare by redefining how we practice medicine:  providing personalized, extraordinary care, one patient at a time – helping them to be healthy and whole.

Dr. David Nazarian operates as efficiently as a mini hospital. My Concierge MD has modern and advanced technologies to ensure early diagnosis and the knowledge and experience to give patients excellent medical care. Capable of treating anything and anyone, from anti-aging to bio-identical hormone replacement, cancer diagnosis, iv therapy including vitamins, urgent medical services and more for treating individuals, families, executives and celebrities. My Concierge MD is really the “Family Doctor” to call your own.

Serving the greater Los Angeles area, Dr. David Nazarain and his staff are ready and available to meet your medical needs today. His dedication to providing excellent concierge medical care in addition to his compassion and relationship with his patients will exceed your every expectation.

Located in their serene offices in Beverly Hills, Dr. Nazarian is a dedicated concierge doctor in Los Angeles who provides boutique medical services throughout the greater metropolitan area. Contact My Concierge MD now to start your journey toward better health today with personalized concierge medicine.

Comprehensive Medical Care
Comprehensive Medical Care


I had a flight to Boston that night, things to finish at work and an annoying rash on my left arm that was getting worse! My company made a phone call and a doctor in a nice suit and a doctors bag turned up at my office 40 minutes later. He examined me and handed me the medication I needed right there and then! No waiting at a doctor’s office, No wasting time! Just the way I like it! What a great service.

Bobby S. Beverly Hills

David Nazarian, MD, has a terrific house call service.  He is outstanding, knowledgeable, courteous, prompt, and compassionate.  He is on the cutting edge of a new system to deliver health care to families – call it the “old fashioned way”.  Fantastic to have a highly qualified Internist come to the privacy of your home and provide complete chronic or acute medicine as a trusted friend.  Stay healthy as he is a firm believer in preventive medicine.  

Dr. Nazarian has been a god send to our family and we eagerly recommend him to our friends.

Noel M. Shutt, PhD. Manhattan Beach,

 Visit to learn more or call to schedule an appointment with Dr. David Nazarian at 877.760.3570 today.




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