Do I Need a Lawyer After a Car Accident?

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Being in a car accident is a life-altering experience that can affect you physically, mentally, and financially. While dealing with the emotional triggers is already a pain, the real challenge lies in dealing with the legal issues, which you may not have first-hand experience in. To combat such situations, some people choose to hire a lawyer. In this case, you need a lawyer specializing in car accidents like those found in

An experienced attorney will help you accelerate the process and reach a fair settlement with the person at fault or your insurance company. However, not all individuals involved in a car accident need a lawyer. You will need an attorney after a car accident if you find yourself in the following situations.

When You Have Medical Bills to Pay

An experienced lawyer will help you fight your case and make the driver at fault pay your medical bills. If your medical bills are too lengthy, the driver has to pay them without causing a commotion. However, not all drivers are ethical and try to find their way out by paying less or not paying at all. This is when a lawyer steps in and ensures that you are given your deserved compensation. 

Along with this, your lawyer will also help you calculate the damages caused during the accident and suggest to you some medical facilities that will treat you at a lower cost in case you don’t have health insurance. As you can see, a lawyer is not only concerned about your financial health but also ensures your speedy physical recovery to help you cope up. You will also receive assistance on the damage costs for car repair and maintenance.

When You Need to Meet Legal Deadlines

When it comes to personal injury claims, you must meet certain legal deadlines, including the statute of limitations, which varies depending on the region you are in. If you fail to file your case within the statute of limitation, you will lose your chance to pursue a legal claim. Experienced South Carolina attorneys at strongly advise that you start working on the case as soon as you can. Even if you are still recovering from your injuries, let your attorney file your case on your behalf to receive your claim on time. By doing this, you can solely focus on recovering and not worry about your case.

Car and motor accidents often come with a set of legal deadlines, both long and short. Unfortunately, most individuals are completely unaware of the lesser-known deadlines, which makes the process more complicated. Terms like ‘promptly’ in informing the insurance company and ‘as soon as practical’ obliges you to take action as soon as possible. According to most insurance companies, failing to do so will no longer make you eligible for your claim. These clauses are particularly noticed in motorist insurance companies that are underinsured. 

Another deadline clause, which is termed as ‘ante litem’ deadline, offers a deadline of six months to one year. In this clause, the driver at fault either belongs to a government entity or the cause of the accident is due to negligence of the government, such as sloppy road maintenance. Such cases are difficult to win, which is when you need a lawyer.

When Your Insurance Company Does Not Cooperate

At times, your insurance company will refrain from paying you the funds you deserve when you are injured in a wreck, especially when you are the only one representing yourself. You need an experienced attorney to gather and present clear evidence that favors your situation and offer a fair settlement amount. Without a lawyer, your insurance company may offer you a lower settlement amount. If no one from the legal end represents you, your insurance company will contact you within a few days of your collision to get away with paying a smaller settlement amount. Since you may be too stressed to comprehend the situation, you may agree to this deal. However, with a lawyer by your side, you can wait longer and demand the exact amount of money you deserve.

Furthermore, your lawyer will dig deeper and gather enough evidence to make a strong claim and even take the case to court. Since you may not know much about the legal procedure, it will be difficult to represent your case by yourself. Moreover, knowing the policies of insurance companies inside out is nearly impossible. You can rely on your lawyer for the same.

Dealing with the emotional and physical stress after an accident is exhausting enough as it is. If you don’t want the added pressure of dealing with the legalities or financial repercussions, you should hire a personal injury lawyer. Not only will they point you in the right direction, but they will also make the process much faster and easier for you.

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