Diane Von Furstenberg Dress Style

Diane Von Furstenberg Dress Style. SHOP NOW!!! #BevHillsMag #beverlyhillsmagazine #fashion #style #shopping
Diane Von Furstenberg Dress Style. SHOP NOW!!! #BevHillsMag #beverlyhillsmagazine #fashion #style #shopping

Spring has arrived however the temperatures outside are still boasting a slight breeze. However, the women who blaze the trails of fashion have little to fear. No matter what the temperature is on the outside you can still highlight your sense of fashion and dress in the colors of spring while shielding yourselves from the cooler temperatures outside. Step into this colorful Diane Von Furstenberg dress style and light up the room!

Diane Von Furstenberg Dress. BUY NOW!!! #BevHillsMag #beverlyhillsmagazine #fashion #style #shopping
Diane Von Furstenberg Dress. BUY NOW!!!

Diane Von Furstenberg Dress

First, Diane Von Furstenberg presents one of the main silhouettes of this collection, with this fabulous body conscious stretchy knit dress. The dress features a light but very striking emerald green background with bold red strips as a fashionable contrast. Spring represents a renewal, and ladies who are looking to brighten their wardrobes while rocking a versatile style featuring a fashion forward DVF striped dress that will make heads turn. It’s chic and comfortable, and makes the perfect look for social events or fun outings with family and friends.

Victoria Beckham Heels. BUY NOW!!! #BevHillsMag #beverlyhillsmagazine #fashion #style #shopping
Victoria Beckham Heels. BUY NOW!!!

Victoria Beckham Classic Sandals

Next, you’ll want to pair this one of a kind dress with these sky blue Victoria Beckham sandals. These leather sandals are fun and flirty. Slide into these sandals to instantly transform this dress into a stylish ensemble that has a ultra feminine flare.

GUCCI Handbag. BUY NOW!!! #BevHillsMag #beverlyhillsmagazine #fashion #style #shopping
GUCCI Handbag. BUY NOW!!!

Gucci Shoulder Bag

Additionally, you’ll want the perfect accessory to add to this look. Here we balance the art of being subtle and bold with the addition of this red Gucci handbag. This elegant velvet bag accentuates the contrasting red in the dress. A contrast of two or more colors should always be the basis for any ensemble. This rule is the foundation for all runway styles.

CHANEL Cat-Eye Sunglasses. BUY NOW!!! #BevHillsMag #beverlyhillsmagazine #fashion #style #shopping
CHANEL Cat-Eye Sunglasses. BUY NOW!!!

Chanel Cat Eye Sunglasses

Finally, we complete this look with a pair of Black Chanel Cat Eye sunglasses. These iconic frames feature tinted lenses and gold-tone chain link detail featuring pearl embellishments. Includes box, case and dust cloth. These sunglasses are feminine, elegant, and they add the perfect touch of mystery and intrigue to any ensemble.

 It is springtime and the world is yours for the taking. Go out in confidence wearing this versatile look which features some of the hottest colors for the spring and summer. You’ll command the boardroom, be the social butterfly at the party, or simply be the best dressed wherever you go.


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