Diamonds Truly Are a Girl’s Best Friend

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You are thinking of buying something sparkly for your lovely partner but are not quite sure what, well, have you considered an item adorned with diamonds? As the song goes, ‘Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend’. So luckily there are an array of accessories that can be bought from top to toe with a sprinkling of diamonds for that extra glamorous touch. Diamonds really really can make a woman feel special. So here are some ideas to bear in mind if you are not sure what to buy. 

Shine Bright Like a Diamond 

If you truly want to make your other half feel like a princess then there is always the option of choosing an 18ct white gold tiara by the House of Garrard adorned with precise cut aquamarine or pearls which add an extra touch of elegance along with the sparkling diamonds. They come in a variety of simple but elegant designs which have been inspired by the Royal Palace gardens in London. The Princess Tiara range will make any woman feel like a true princess when placed delicately on her head. 

Sparkling Diamond Earrings 

If you are thinking of purchasing some lovely diamond jewellery for your other half that can be worn frequently, then earrings are a great place to start. Harrods have a wonderful selection of luxury jewellery brands that can cater for luxurious needs such as Suzanne Kalan, Hstern, Maria Tash, and Melissa Kaye. There are a multitude of gold shades to choose from that range from pink gold to mixed gold tones which include various gemstones which sparkle with delight in various handmade cuts. 

Twinkly Diamond Necklaces 

Diamond necklaces are a wonderful idea for a gift to provide some much needed sparkly to accompany a stylish outfit. The Diamond Store offers a wonderful luxurious selection of diamond necklaces which include a beautiful 18 carat rose gold shade for just over $24,000 which is truly breathtaking with its luxurious handcrafted rose gold shade which is encrusted with 12.60 carats of diamond cut stones. 

Bright Bling Bracelets

You cannot go wrong with a lovely diamond bracelet as a gift idea either. Selfridges do a wonderful 14-carat white gold bracelet for $5,015 which is very elegant, and will never go out of fashion. So it can certainly be a staple accessory to wear on multiple evenings out, or to any special occasion by adding a sprinkling of diamond bling to your partner’s outfit. 

Diamond Engagement Rings 

You’re thinking of asking your other half the big question, which of course you hope they will respond “Yes” to. But before you get to that special moment, there is of course a certain issue to deal with….the engagement ring of course! It is important to allow plenty of time to shop around for the perfect ring for your fiancée to be. 

Along with the wedding day, choosing the correct engagement ring for your partner is absolutely key. Unless you are Victoria Beckham who is reported to have at least 14 engagement rings, (yes that many!), most women are likely to wear the one they were given by their fiancé for many years, until they perhaps upgrade it later on in life. But usually, most women are perfectly happy to keep the one that was specially chosen for them. 

You might think most Engagement Rings are the same, but in reality, there are a plethora to choose from. The main areas to think about with the diamond itself is the cut, (standard and quality) colour, carat and clarity (referring to imperfections). 

The shape of the stone can also vary from the following, 

  • Oval
  • Round
  • Pear
  • Princess
  • Marquise 

To get an idea of what your partner likes with regards to ring shapes, it might be worth checking in her jewellery box to see whether there is a particular shape she is more inclined to choose. Otherwise, it is advisable to go on the intuition of what you envisage her liking and wearing. The main priority is to choose something that you know she will treasure and enjoy displaying on her ring finger with pride. 

Your Partner Will Never Be Late For Another Engagement Again

Another way to add some gorgeous sparkle would be to opt for a handmade Rolex, diamond encrusted watch to be worn on your fiancée’s delicate wrist. The benefit of having a tailor-made watch is being able to choose the colour, the face dial, gem-set bezels, or weather to go for a bracelet style or more traditional look. There are certainly an array of options to go for to create your ideal diamond gift within the watches department that are both functional yet extremely stylish. 

Diamonds On The Sole of Her Shoes

You can never have too much sparkle. When it will be possible to reunite with friends and family again and party the night away in a gorgeous outdoor garden party, dressed up in your finest evening wear, then surely Jimmy Choo’s luxurious crystal heels priced at $4,945 are going to be part of this attire? 

They add a stunning focal point to a plain coloured outfit which will complement this nicely. The ability to tailor the shoes to a preferred diamond design makes an excellent personalized gift. If you know your partner will be head over heels for these diamond delights then it is a must-have to add to their wardrobe collection. 

Dressed Top To Toe in Diamonds

Diamond accessories can be found in various forms if you are thinking of buying a special something for your other half. Knowing where to shop and speaking to the jewelry experts will ensure that whichever personalised gift you decide to go for they will ensure that all your particular queries and requests can be met to provide the perfect sparkly treat. As Shirley Bassey has previously sung, “Diamonds Are Forever”, and they certainly can be when chosen correctly.

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