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Daze Dayz is a resort wear and swimwear brand made in Korea. It represents the spirit of a fearless soul seeking a way of life through adventure. The Philosophy of the brand is to find the harmony between the natural beauty of the beach cultures around the world. Other than that, it is also to find the natural beauty and uniqueness of one’s soul. What a very captivating ideology for a brand!

Apart from it’s amazing philosophy, Daze Dayz also focuses on sustainability. The brand believes in the importance of the planet and society’s consciousness and well-being. Included in this cause is the packaging’s degradable materials. Furthermore, the brand’s business model adopts ethical labor practices with experienced tailors who take pride in the quality apparel they produce.

The ethical and sustainable Dayz Dayz is founded in 2012 by surfer and fashion designer Haeyoung You. She has worked in the fashion industry across the globe been working for over a decade. Moreover her travels to Australia, Bali and other beaches from all over garnered an eclectic mix of style and culture in the Swimwear brand. If you are an adventurer who loves a leisure life, Daze Dayz is the perfect brand for you. Let us now look at the swimwear hand  picked by us just for you.


Our first hand picked swimwear is this black and white Arian cut out one piece. It has a one shoulder cut out detail and moderate coverage. As you can see it features a cut in the middle of the stomach, making this swimwear a mix of modest and sexy. We find the Arian cut out piece so elegant and classic. I can imagine using this swimsuit at only the poshest country clubs or out at a family beach barbeque at the Hamptons. Don’t forget to add this piece to your classic collection of swimwear!


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The second hand picked swimsuit is this bohemian inspired Golden Shirring one piece. It is a golden and purple paisley pattern one piece. In addition to that, it has an adjustable string in the chest area with a metal details. The style of this one piece is so flirty, feminine yet modest. Any fashionable woman from ages twelve to her fortys can rock this super cute Lolitaesque piece. From a vacation to Hawaii to your neighbor’s backyard, this piece speaks to any young and adventurous soul.


Daze Dayz Bada One Shoulder One Piece #fashion #style #shop #DazeDayz #Swimwear #onepiece #swimsuit #bikinis #beverlyhills #bevhillsmag #beverlyhillsmagazine

The third Daze Dayz piece we introduce to you is the blue Bada one shoulder one piece. This turquoise swimsuit has such a beautiful open adjustable detail on its left side. It has removable bra pads just like all of the swimwear featured on this brand. Furthermore, it is made of  82 percent polyester and 18 percent elastane, again, just like all of the pieces introduced here. Wear this fabulous turquoise one piece in a yacht party or while sunbathing in Ko Phi Phi Island. It’s both luxurious and down-to-earth at the same time.


Daze Dayz Swan Tube Ops #fashion #style #shop #swimwear #swimsuit #onepiece #bikinis #DazeDayz #Beverlyhills #BevhillsMag #BeverlyHillsMagazine #Beverlyhills

The fourth piece is this minimal yet elegant Swan Tube Ops. Made with ribbed material, this piece is form fitting and has a unique texture. Additionally, it is flattering clean lines accentuate one’s figure. This swimwear like all the rest in here is made from 82 percent polyester and 18 percent elastane. I can imagine this maximum coverage swimwear on a surfer riding the waves in Bali or underneath a scuba diver’s gear exploring Australia’s great reef.


Daze Dayz Starry Night Tube One Piece #Fashion #style #shop #swimwear #swimsuits #bikinis #onepiece #Dazedayz #bevhillsmag #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine

The fifth and last piece we present to you is this Starry Night Tube one piece. This is fun and ethereal piece definitely brings out the child in all of us. Any fashionable woman from the age of twelve to her yesteryears can don this. All it takes is confidence and playfulness. I can imagine one wearing this swimsuit drinking beer on a floater by the lake or playing volleyball in the beaches of Brazil.

In Summary, we showed you five of Daze Dayz’s beautiful and unique pieces. Whatever adventure you want to explore, don’t forget your Daze Dayz swimwear. To unleash that great adventurous spirit  of yours, visit Daze Dayz website today!

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