Dan Fletcher of MACRO Jets

Dan Fletcher, CEO of MACRO Jets

Meet Dan Fletcher, the hot shot maverick entrepreneur who spent the last decade traveling the world developing strategic relationships by working within the ultra-exclusive Family Office Private Equity wealth management sector.  Dan surrounded himself with the wealthiest families around the world and positioned himself to learn from the industry leaders across numerous industries. Little did Dan know that he would soon find himself in the midst of the ultimate lifestyle, flying high, yes pun intended, with some of the wealthiest men and women on the globe. But he saw something missing…

They chartered private jets, and then they went to another guy to buy a jet, and a different guy to manage the jet, but Dan Fletcher had an idea…MACRO Jets was born. A one stop shop for on-demand jet charter,  acquisitions, management, completions, operations and financing. Believe me, it gets better.

Beverly Hills Magazine:  What does MACRO Jets do?

Dan Fletcher: Within a year of our launch, we have successfully built an organization that offers a one stop shop for purchasing an aircraft and being able to fly with NO annual costs.  Depending on the budget of the client, we structure a complete package for buying a private jet and management of the aircraft that offset most, if not all of the owners annual costs of use and ownership.  With our On-Demand charter department, we can have you in the air within 2 hours from anywhere in the world, with 8,000 jets available anytime.  I’ve partnered with the best in the business who have over 30 years experience across all sectors of the industry to be able to offer one of a kind first class service like no one else can offer globally.

MACROS Jets: The Ultimate in Jet Charter and Sales

Beverly Hills Magazine:  What new developments are happening with your company?

Dan Fletcher:  We recently launched our jet sales brokerage and completions partnership and have developed a turnkey solution for jet owners to maximize the benefit of their investment.

Beverly Hills Magazine: How is your company different from others in the same industry?

Dan Fletcher:  There are plenty of on-demand jet charter companies out there, especially those that operate with a membership business model. Members are locked into their membership with an annual fee, whether they fly or not. My business model is different, I only charge clients when they fly. It’s pay as you go. We are also unmatched in our level of customer service; we do things for our clients before they ask, and they appreciate that. Our high level of service is aligned with their already elite lifestyle.

MACRO Jets: A one of a kind first class service for those who own and charter jets

Beverly Hills Magazine: What challenges do you face as an entrepreneur?

Dan Fletcher: My biggest challenge has been my age. It can really work against you if you’re young and in an industry with veteran experts and an older clientele that you really want to take you seriously.

Beverly Hills Magazine: How do you overcome these challenges?

Dan Fletcher: Personally I get on a plane and go to meet the client face to face.  Once I’m speaking directly to the client and they see the level of maturity and education I have, they immediately look past my age and understand I know exactly what I’m talking about and see the team I built around me are the industries leaders for over 30 years.  Also by surrounding myself with older experienced leaders in business who see  my vision, and are willing to partner with me as they see the long term goals and how carefully everything has been strategically planned from day one.  Remember, your team that you build around you is your value!

Beverly Hills Magazine: What do you think are the most vital factors that make a business successful?

Dan Fletcher: Definitely the vision, the management and the support team, whether it’s the board of directors or investors. When things go wrong, you can find a solution together. Too many entrepreneurs lose their business because they lack the proper insight and guidance to succeed.  Once you wake up and realize that you don’t know everything and others have already made your mistakes and you’re willing to listen, then you will be on the correct path to success.


Beverly Hills Magazine: What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs looking for success in business?

Dan Fletcher: Find a mentor, someone who is willing to commit time to help make sure you succeed. You’ll have the best results with someone who has similar interests and possibly business goals. Remember, they have to benefit too. Go places, like industry conferences, to build your network of potential business partners and mentors. Usually when someone has achieved significant success, they are in a position to willingly give back and help others. That’s where you come in. You’ll need their help.  It all about who you know, not what you know.

There you have it, spoken like a truly successful entrepreneur who has learned his lessons the hard way and is sharing his pearls of wisdom on how to make your dreams come true. Download the Macro Jets app today for Instant Jet Charter quotes for free.

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