Common Swimwear Shopping Dilemmas

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Now that summer is here and the weather is heating up, you’re probably thinking about psyching yourself up for more time spent in body-baring swimming costumes. However, if you haven’t purchased new swimwear for years, your size has gone up or down a lot, or you want a fab new swimsuit for your next vacation, it’s time to buy something new.

If you’re like most ladies, though, you probably put off buying bathing suits because of challenges that crop up when you try to find a replacement. Happily, there are some solutions to common swimwear shopping dilemmas that you can try out this summer.

Concerns About the Tummy

One of the primary issues we tend to have when buying bathing suits for women is finding products that make us feel less self-conscious about our tummies. This area of the body tends to be one of the spots most of us worry about, after all. If you stress about your stomach in swimwear, there are strategies to follow.

For example, it pays to search for a swimsuit designed to minimize the look of tummies. Certain products have support in them to help suck in the tum, plus clever sculpting panels. You might also find that swimwear with patterns and ruched details around the middle help distract the eye away from your stomach and give you a more streamlined look. Similarly, plunging necklines can help with this since they draw the eye upwards.

If you want a two-piece swimsuit, consider a high-waisted bottom to give you some tummy control. To make this bottom look a little sexier, though, pick a product with cutouts or side lacing to break up the longer lines of the material and ensure it doesn’t come across too bulky-looking.

Lack of Support for a Full Bust

While many women have a large bust, most bathing suits aren’t designed to effectively cater to this fullness. You may notice that it’s challenging locating products that provide you with enough cover and, in particular, enough support. If so, as you search through items, try to spot those with thicker straps up top and double-stitched bands, as these will offer more support where you need it.

You’ll likely want to avoid string bikinis as these have little to no support. On the other hand, products with underwire or other structure can give you what you need. You’ll also want plenty of padding on the underside of cups to give more lift, and fuller coverage on the sides to add comfort and support.

Where possible, buy a swimsuit that comes in a specific cup size, rather than a more generic sizing scheme, such as the Small, Medium, Large, Extra-Large designs. Being able to choose your cup size should mean you locate a better fit. Plus, you might want to focus on mix-and-match separates if your top half is a different size from your bottom half. That way, it’s easier to find a top that fits well.

The Need to Add More Curves

Some ladies, though, have a petite frame, a small bust, or a fairly straight up and down profile and thus require swimwear that helps them add more curves to their look. If you’re in this position, avoid bathing tops that are loose, as there’s nothing worse than having to constantly pull straps up or stress about a potential wardrobe malfunction because the fit isn’t right.

Then, to help yourself seem like you have a bigger bust, consider products with padded tops and fun embellishments such as ruffles, frills, tassels, bows, and the like. These can give the illusion of a bigger chest. Similarly, stripes, bright colors, and bold patterns that keep the eye moving can be a winner. Also, women with more petite proportions up top often find that halter necks and off-the-shoulder designs work nicely for them.

Addressing Tan Lines

Another common swimwear dilemma is dealing with tan lines. One solution to combat this is, when shopping, to pick simple, strapless swimsuits without fancy trims or cutouts that could add too many tan lines. If you think these products come across as too plain as a result, don’t forget that you can buy them in bright, fun prints and bold colors to add pizazz.

These are just some of the prime issues ladies have when searching for new bathing suits for the summer. As you shop, try to think bigger picture about any potential downsides before you buy swimwear, so you’re more likely to identify problems before they arise.

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