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Beverly Hills Beauty
Beverly Hills Beauty

In the heart of the Golden Triangle in beautiful Beverly Hills is one of the best kept secrets which is the salon to the stars that has the most professional style and color experts and ambiance second to none. Christophe Beverly Hills is one of the best beauty salons in Los Angeles.

Boasting a pristine white exterior and opne floorplan interior design, the salon floor is alive with the chitter chatter of Hollywood royalty as well as the city’s most notable residents and guests. Whether your appointment is for a quick trim or a 3 hour color transformation, you’ll enjoy made to order cappucinos or bottomless Champagne to celebrate your beauty. Whatever your choice, Christophe Beverly Hills creates the perfect environment for you to be in comfort and luxury from start to finish.

Not only are the expert stylists recruited from around the world giving you world class hair results, the Loreal beauty products that fill the shelves and shampoo bowls will leave your hair feeling and looking brand new. The expertise of the color experts will give you full assurance that your “new do” is in good hands. You’ll feel like a star with custom coat check services and superior customer service, Christophe Beverly Hills salon is on the top of our list when it comes to beauty in Beverly Hills.

Christophe Beverly Hills
Christophe Beverly Hills

Celebrity colorist and balayage expert Summer Sararo shares some of her insider beauty tips from the heart of Beverly Hills.

Beverly Hills Magazine: What are some of the popular hair trends this year?

Summer Sararo: We are seeing a lot of brunettes adding warm red tones to their color this year, we like to call them “spicy” brunettes. With hints of cinnamon and persimmon hues that really warm the style and look great. Blondes are using darker blonde tones with more of a wheat natural blonde hue that just gives an overall more natural look.

Best Beauty Products
Best Beauty Products

Beverly Hills Magazine: What products do you recommend?

Summer Sararo: I love the Diamond Oil High Shine collection from Redken. It will give your hair a silkier and shinier appearance and it adds the necessary moisturizing elements that all colored hair needs. It’s one of the best beauty products on the market.

 The Diamond Oil High Shine collection delivers the power of oils in featherlight formulas to transform dull hair into luxurious, lustrous locks. An extension to Redken’s Diamond Oil haircare line, the Diamond Oil High Shine collection contains Redken’s NEW Sparkling Oil Complex to achieve diamond-like shine for all hair types, especially medium to fine, without weighing the hair down.

Beverly Hills Magazine: What makes Christophe’s different from other Beverly Hills salons?

Summer Sararo: The products and the people are of the highest quality. I come from the fast-paced New York salon world, and Christophe’s definitely comes par to the level of customer service required to be one of the best salons in Beverly Hills. It’s the attention to details in this salon that really makes Christophe’s one of the best salons in Los Angeles.

Just steps from Rodeo on busy Beverly Dr, Christophe Beverly Hills is changing the way women feel about themselves by giving them excellent hair results, whether it’s a cut, color or style, you’ll be transformed and ready for whatever life has in store for you. You’ll look and feel beautiful, only at Christophe’s Beverly Hills salon. Make your appointment today!

Christophe Beverly Hills

348 N Beverly Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

(310) 274-0851

Jacqueline Maddison is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Beverly Hills Magazine. She believes in shining light on the best of the best in life. She welcomes you into the world of the rich and famous with the ultimate luxury lifestyle.
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