Chic Vintage Style

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Finding an outfit that was in style long ago that works for today is sublime. This chic vintage style should always remain a mainstay in the fashion world. It has style, substance, and most importantly, color. If you are looking for your next outfit from a fashion blog, then look no further.

First, be pretty in pink with this classy top. The 80’s feel is from the gathered waist at the bottom of the blouse. The shoulders give homage to the era that shoulder pads were popular. And of course, the color was from a time when blouses were loud and bold brights.

Next, don a pair of leather pants. These fitted slacks look ready for your closet. When shopping, get a leather pair to ensure longevity. Make sure that you always dry clean. This fashion magazine ready pair of paints is perfect for a woman who wants to show off her curves.

Finally, add in suede boots. The look will give a 50’s flair. You might feel a bit like Sandy in “Grease”. This modern take on an old classic is a welcome trend in the fashion world. When shopping, look for boots with strong arch support that do not bend when you walk. Your style magazine outfit is complete with the right pair of boots.

Then, add in a leopard print clutch. You will feel classy as you stroll around. The clutch gives the outfit some added leverage. Many women in Beverly Hills like to wear this type of patterning. It’s sassy and always in style. If you want to match the shoes, then look for a suede clutch from a fashion magazine or fashion blog.


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