California Labor Rights: Is there a Way Forward?

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In late September, Governor Newsom gave a clear indication of the path the state would take with regard to labor rights. According to the LA Times, the Governor vetoed a bill that would mandate businesses rehiring workers removed from their position in no-fault cases. The veto was justified largely on the grounds that the state found it would place an extra burden on the already ailing hospitality industry. In light of this, area businesses and employees are looking to see if there is a way forward that reduces these increasing divisions, keeping employees in work, and helping businesses to remain profitable. (Image Credits: Geralt/Pixabay)

The legal landscape

Providing a more important foundation to a healthy labor market discourse is the legal landscape in Beverly Hills. Beverly Hills and the wider state has always had a healthy respect for employment law; this is evidenced by the $4.2m payout to car wash workers that began last year, as reported by ABC7. Such disputes are commonplace, but workers in the city have found legal redress through California employment lawyer help. This robust legal background is going to be crucial as cases start to appear in the coming months.

Building blocks

This propensity for legal protection and a general worker-positive attitude has led to California nearing the top of Oxfam America’s ranking of the best states to work in with regard to employee’s access to legal help and justice. Behind just DC and Washington in their worker protections, California and Beverly Hill workers can expect a high level of support. However, state legislators and litigation specialists should look at how this squares with employer needs, and consider if this weighting disproportional.

Business health

In such tumultuous times, it can be difficult to apply a straight metric on how good or bad the legal environment is for business. However, there are some measures that can be looked at. One particularly helpful measure is the ease of business within a state. According to Business Insider, California ranks top in the country for the ease of setting up and growing a business. This takes into consideration many factors, but one of them is the relationship between workers and employees – typically, states with overly stringent regulations find it difficult to find workers and keep the business growing.

When looking at the whole picture, not much has changed. Businesses and the labor force may feel at odds, but indications suggest that things are going well. How this changes over the next few months is less certain, but by working together using history as an example, the entire state can benefit.

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