Burke Williams Day Spa Vitality Massage

The new exclusive treatment will feature the first-ever application of B12 in a massage.


Burke Williams, the leading luxury spa in California, announced today the launch of their newest offering, the Vitality Massage. The first-of-its-kind service is an original treatment developed by the experts at Burke Williams which provides a transdermal application of B12, the vitamin is known to boost energy, immunity and is a critical element for several of the body’s restoration processes. The Vitality Massage is now available in all 11 spa locations and can be booked at burkewilliams.com.

Always at the forefront of innovation, Burke Williams is the first to incorporate B12 into a massage treatment. Previously only available as an injection at their BW Med+Spa locations, the famed spa sought to create a more relaxing experience to receive the benefits of B12.

“I loved the spa. It was a sanctuary in the middle of the hustle and bustle of LA. This was a sensational massage that I hope to experience again and again!”

Jacqueline Maddison, Editor-in-Chief, Beverly Hills Magazine


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This uniquely textured massage experience fuses traditional techniques, including dry brushing and percussion massage, with a combination of innovative remedies such as natural B12  absorbed directly through the skin to support whole health restoration, vitamin C to stimulate healthy immune function, and a complementary blend of essential oils to leave both body and mind feeling refreshed and revived.

“As we continued to research how to bring innovation into our spas, we began to look into the energy and immune-boosting qualities of B12,” says Burke Williams President and Founder Bill Armour. “We wanted to take the transformative qualities our guests receive from traditional B12 injections and bring those benefits into a more relaxed spa experience. Combined with our expert massage techniques, it’s the perfect mix of energizing and relaxing.”

The Vitality Massage features three items exclusive to Burke Williams including their unique B12 solution, Vitality essential oil blend, and H2V Triple C Serum. Transferred through touch and absorbed directly into the skin, Burke Williams B12 solution helps support energy, immune health, and positive mood. The Vitality essential oil blend features blood orange oil to relieve anxiety, rosemary oil to stimulate brain function, and cypress oil to assist the immune system. Lastly, Burke Williams’ own H2V Triple C Serum initiates collagen and elastin production.

These exclusive products and each step of the service are expertly designed to restore guests’ vitality. The textured experience begins with dry brushing to stimulate lymph flow, assist in the detox process, and prep skin for absorption of the vital nutrients. B12 is then massaged into the skin, and the body absorbs the vitamin within 20 minutes. A relaxing massage follows the B12 application, incorporating a combination of H2V Triple C serum, ultra-hydrating massage lotion, and the new Vitality essential oil blend.  The treatment ends with an invigorating percussion massage. All of these elements together take the electrical rhythms of our nervous system and the biochemical dance of vitamins and oils to allow the body to orchestrate cellular rejuvenation.

Prices begin at $140 for members and $180 for all guests and may vary by service length and spa location. As a special offer for guests trying this cutting-edge massage, all guests will receive 20% off regular pricing on their first Vitality Massage. Appointments can be made on burkewilliams.com.

At Burke Williams, the health and safety of staff have always come first. In addition to the high level of health and sanitization standards they have always maintained, the team is increasing their protocols to include extra sanitizing and disinfecting, modifying spaces for physical distancing, and implementing additional health and safety training for new and current team members. Each enhanced protocol has been carefully designed to support the health and wellness of both guests and employees alike. For a full list of health and safety procedures please visit the Burke Williams website here.


Burke Williams created the original urban day spa in 1984, elevating the spa experience to a new art form. Drawing inspiration from world-class European day spas, the destination worked to combine the finest traditions with nourishing innovations to transport guests from the stress of everyday life. Today, with 11 locations across California, Burke Williams is a luxurious sanctuary, a place for wellness and beauty, inspiration, and optimism. For more information, please visit burkewilliams.com.

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