Breaking News: Big Win For Students in VEX IQ Robotics Competition

2024 U.S. Open Championship VEX IQ Robotics Event #robotics #news #events #foragoodcause
2024 U.S. Open Championship VEX IQ Robotics Event #robotics #news #events #foragoodcause

The 2024 U.S. Open Championship VEX IQ Robotics Event recently concluded in Council Bluffs, Iowa, with teams from the ROBOSTARS Robotics Lab, established just last year in Arcadia, California, achieving remarkable success.

One standout team, 296A Robokids, comprised of six Chinese American elementary students – Atticus Guo, Alison Xu, Winnie Luo, Jackie Chen, Laura Chen, and Eltony Xu – delivered an exceptional performance. Their triumph included clinching three awards: Teamwork Champion, 2nd Place in Robot Skills, and the prestigious Excellence Award, the highest honor at the US OPEN Tournament.

Captain Atticus Guo, a seasoned participant in the VEX IQ US Open for two consecutive years, played a pivotal role. With his wealth of experience and stellar performances, Guo emerged as the linchpin of the team. His ingenuity in construction and repair, coupled with a formidable programming prowess, significantly contributed to their outstanding results. Under Guo’s leadership, Team 296A Robokids continually shattered world records in the Word Skills ranking, securing the top spot for two consecutive seasons in the VEX IQ World Skills Ranking.

2024 U.S. Open Championship VEX IQ Robotics Event #robotics #news #events #foragoodcause

Congratulations on winning the 2024 U.S. Open Championship VEX IQ Robotics Event!

Beverly Hills Magazine: How does it feel to be the champion?

Atticus Guo: It took a lot of dedication and leadership skills, and creativity, as well as other components to lead my team and win these competitions.

Beverly Hills Magazine: What inspired you to get involved in robotics and participate in VEX IQ competitions?

Atticus Guo: When I was 5 years old I really liked computer science and coding, so I asked my Mom to assign me to a program for Scratch, Phython and C++ and after the first class I really enjoyed it. I just continued doing it for 6 years. Now the hard work has paid off and I’m very good at coding.

Beverly Hills Magazine: Can you walk us through the process of preparing for the competition? What were some key features that helped you succeed?

Atticus Guo: Usually we develop our robot a few months before the summer competition because we want our robot to be the best. We have weekly meetings and discuss how to make our robot. We list out the pros and cons, and make tests for alot of our parts. For example, just like every car has a drive train, we were figuring out which acceleration is the best type. Because this year we had a thing to cross over in order to get 10 points, and that 10 points is very useful in some competitions. The 1.5 acceleration is the best because it is easy to control.

Beverly Hills Magazine: During the competition, what was the most challenging obstacle you encountered, and how did you as the team leader overcome it?

Atticus Guo: Being a Team Captain, all of my other teammates are first year so they were like, “Oh, no! Are we going to lose?” and so I was like, ” It’s fine, we can do this.” I had to comfort them. We overcame that difficulty and now they have confidence.

Winner Atticus Guo 2024 U.S. Open Championship VEX IQ Robotics Event #robotics #news #events #foragoodcause

Beverly Hills Magazine:  So you had to encourage and motivate your team to stay confident and not be fearful at all. That’s fantastic. What was your favorite part of the competition experience?

Atticus Guo: It’s usually leading my team to victory. We also became better at coding and designing, and it also brings a lot of joy to our lives. Every time we win awards we feel very successful and happy.

Beverly Hills Magazine: Robotics competitions often involve teamwork. How did you and your teammates collaborate to achieve success?

Atticus Guo: This program teaches us to collaborate, make friends, and make everybody have a role so nobody is left out. This is a good community and all of my teammates have a role that they really enjoy and are very good at. To win the competitions, we usually communicate with our other alliance team to talk strategy. We discuss how to have the most efficient game plan.

Beverly Hills Magazine: What lessons have you learned from participating in VEX IQ competitions that you think will be valuable in the future?

Atticus Guo: I learned to have a never give up attitude, and always persevere.

Beverly Hills Magazine: Outside of robotics, what are some of your other interests or hobbies?

Atticus Guo:  Sports.

Beverly Hills Magazine: What are your future goals and aspiations, with all of your knowledge and experience?

Atticus Guo: I actually feel like I could be an engineer, but I kinda want to be a doctor though.

Beverly Hills Magazine: Wow. I feel you could succeed as either one!

Atticus Guo: Thank you 🙂

Beverly Hills Magazine:  Lastly, what advice would you give to other kids who are interested in getting involved in robotics and competing in VEX IQ events?

Atticus Guo:  Never give up and never fall.

Winner Atticus Guo 2024 U.S. Open Championship VEX IQ Robotics Event #robotics #news #events #foragoodcause
Winner Atticus Guo – 2024 U.S. Open Championship VEX IQ Robotics Event

The VEX Robotics Competition is an educational initiative aimed at teaching students robot coding and hands-on construction to bolster their understanding of STEM education. It fosters the development of students’ skills in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, while nurturing creativity, problem-solving abilities, and teamwork. Catering to students from elementary to college levels, the VEX Robotics Competition draws participants from over 50 to 60 countries worldwide, engaging millions of students.

The VEX IQ Robotics Competition (VIQRC) provides elementary and middle school students with an engaging platform for immersive robotics challenges and research. More than just a showcase of technical prowess, this competition underscores the importance of teamwork, strategic planning, and innovation. It offers each participant an opportunity for personal growth and excellence. As a comprehensive STEM education hub, the ROBOSTARS Robotics Lab is committed to providing professional robot programming classes, empowering teenagers to cultivate their passion and realize their aspirations. Team 296A is qualified for VEX World Championship. The team will attend the 2024 VEX Robotics World Championship in Dallas in the early of May.

Winner Atticus Guo 2024 U.S. Open Championship VEX IQ Robotics Event #robotics #news #events #foragoodcause
Winner Atticus Guo 2024 U.S. Open Championship VEX IQ Robotics Event #robotics #news #events #foragoodcause


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