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Blossom Box Jewelry is a US jewelry brand, made with the finest materials by skilled artisans from India. They have stores in UK and Dubai as well. Founded in 2011 by entrepreneur Rekha Brar, she aims to empower women to be bold, daring and different. Furthermore, the Mughal era and India’s rich culture, filled with opulence, vibrancy and textiles, it has been the sole inspiration for Brar to set up her jewelry line. Along with this, the brand also encourages women to be confident and pursue their passions. Blossom Box is more than a jewelry line. It is also a statement for women who color outside of the box, is supportive of others and is real. Let us now look at 3 lovely and intricate pieces from the brand.


The first very lovely jewelry we feature to you is this Starburst Pearly necklace. This necklace is gold plated with metal alloy. Moreover, it features stunning polki stones & gold bead stones as well as Swarovski crystal stones and mini pearls. Definitely exquisite, this necklace will make anyone who wears it a very bright star. I can imagine wearing this with an earth toned or gold strapless bodycon dress for prom, and that “Prom Queen” title should be yours! It can even be worn with dress that has a plunging neckline for a dramatic effect in any formal gathering. You sure will turn heads wearing this divine piece around your neck. Get this for only $60.00.


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This second gorgeous piece we have here is this unique and intricate Starburst floral drops earrings. This pair of earrings is gold plated with metal alloy. Additionally, it has classy polki stones & pearls together with clear and pink crystals at the top. It also has a floral shape which enhances the feminine energy it gives off. I can imagine pairing this with a formal dress for a once in a life time event. It can also be worn with casual silky bohemian blouse, bellbottom jeans and heeled sandals for a lunch date at that new fancy restaurant. Definitely a pair to add to your collection of drop earrings! Get this for only $60.00


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The third and last jewelry piece we have here is this splendid Mala bracelets. Made of metal alloy and gold plates, this piece is similar to the first and second. Furthermore, it also is composes eye catching polki stones. I can imagine wearing this versatile pair to either a formal gathering or a casual event. You can wear it to a ball or a wedding, or with a cotton blouse and jeans for that long overdue catch up with an old girlfriend. Give an oomph or a dash of spice with the Mala bracelet set to any basic outfit!

To summarize, even all 3 jewelry pieces can be worn together. Just think of going to an Indian wedding, you can never go wrong with wearing that much jewelry! Truly, the Indian influence of Blossom Box Jewelry makes it so authentic, bold and one of a kind. For tips on how to choose the most stunning jewelry, click here.

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