Best Wireless Charger by BEZALEL

Best Wireless Charger: BEZALEL
Best Wireless Charger: BEZALEL

BEZALEL, Inc.–the only U.S.-based consumer brand focused on wireless charging–has spent the past three years creating an ecosystem that caters to wireless charging needs for handheld devices. Built for today and tomorrow’s Androids and iPhones, including the recently released iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X, BEZALEL’s wireless chargers are exquisite products in both function and form.

Named “best wireless charger” by Business Insider, Futura X epitomizes the BEZALEL aesthetic and concept, as it is the thinnest and most portable wireless charging pad in the market. The Omnia is a wireless charger for in-car use, so drivers and passengers can enjoy phone usage and focus on safe driving. The Prelude is a fully portable power bank that wirelessly charges mobile phones anywhere. And lastly, the first, universal charge-receiving  case, Latitude, enables iPhones 6 and iPhones 7 wireless charging for both Qi or PMA standards.

The lightweight and minimalist style of the Futura X is a work of high-tech art. The Futura X is about a quarter of an inch thick and constructed of milled aluminum and acrylic with a unique cooling system that dissipates heat. Superior design and materials make it exceptionally sleek, strong, and stable. The optional accessory stand allows for desktop use, so the phone can be propped up for better viewing as it charges.

Best Wireless Charger: BEZALEL

Like BEZALEL’s magnetic vent mount, the Omnia, the Futura X employs magnetic alignment to ensure optimal contact between the phone and charging pad. A strong, magnet-enhanced accessory, like BEZALEL’s Latitude case for iPhones 6 & 7 works perfectly with the Omnia and Futura X to keep them sturdily in place. We simply set our Latitude-encased iPhones on the charging pad without fiddling for the charging sweet spot.

BEZALEL CEO, Frank Wu says, “We’re introducing the most powerful and stylish wireless chargers.” He adds, “Our goal is to empower everyone to enjoy the benefits of wireless charging.”

And the benefits include an experience that optimizes convenience for busy, multitasking, on the-go people who like to keep their phones far from dying.

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