Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

Make this Valentine's Day special with a unique gift that she will love...
Beverly Hills Magazine Best Valentines Day Gift For Her

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and you have to gift that lucky woman in your life, be it your mother, wife, daughter, or girlfriend.  Most times, Valentine’s Day gifts might be hard to choose because you may not want to ask her what she needs as you want it to be a surprise.

Don’t worry, we’ve curated a list of functional gifts you can give. Functional in the sense that she needs to have it. But she might not know and she will thank you for giving her a thoughtful gift when she needs it the most. 


Due to the long period of inactivity during the lockdown, shoes would have gotten numb and tighter and these might lead to difficulty while wearing. This is where Forme comes in.

Forme is an exquisite shoe shaper that expands the shoe to the desired stretch. It is designed to be used with any shoe style be it stilettos, strappy sandals, flats, pumps, and many more. Moreover, this is an excellent buy because it’s necessary to have and it fits a timely need. You can order for one or more depending on her shoe closet on their website.

Beverly Hills Magazine Forme Shoe Shaper


Is your girl the hair-centric type or not? Either way, let me introduce you to Hot Head. Hot Head is an original flax-filled, microwavable, deep conditioning heat cap that helps achieve salon-quality deep conditioning at home. 

Consequently, it is a drastic time saver, as there is no need to go to the salon for deep conditioning and the DIY method of wrapping a warm towel around the head seems stressful. As Hot Head is a cap, she doesn’t have to worry about it falling off when compared with the towel method.

You can buy this time-saving tool for her here, it is available in numerous colors and designs.

Beverly Hills Magazine Hot Head Heat Cap


Is she a vegan? You can get these delicious no-bake chocolate cheesecake bars with a grain-free date-nut crust and dark chocolate cheesecake center finished with a sweet raspberry swirl. The name is a mouthful.

The chocolate is an all-natural vegan snack with no weird ingredients as it can be trusted. The recipe can be provided to you upon request. Perfect for a quick gift, you can buy it here.

 Beverly Hills Magazine Best Valentine's day Gift For Her


Dubbed one of the fastest-growing snacking companies with numerous awards to support the claim, Hu products have four different treats you can choose from 

  • Chocolate Bars: comes in classic paleo; vegan and dairy-free. Also available in numerous flavors such as Salty, Simple, Cashew Butter, Hazelnut Butter, Cashew Butter, Almond Butter, and many more. You can get it at a very cheap price of $5.63 per bar.
  • Hunks: contains unadulterated chocolate-covered nuts in flavors such as Almonds + Sea Salt, Cashews + Vanilla Bean, Sour Goldenberries
  • Gems: specially made for snacking and baking.
  • Crackers: They are grain-free with no refined starches.

If you would like to have a mix of the four treats you can order a mixed bundle and it will be delivered to you. 

Check out Hu Kitchen to make your choice

Beverly Hills Magazine Best Valentine's Day Gifts for her Hu chocolate


Is your girl someone who loves the outdoor or the beach so much, it could be you also? Then the Sandy Bumz Beach Mat was specially made for you and her.

Moreover, you can spend quality time on the beach with your loved ones without worrying about the beach sand dirtying your clothes. Also, you can use it anywhere else apart from the beach. And you can buy it for your dog too, cute! A pretty versatile investment if you ask me, all for a cheap sum of $29.00

Beverly hills magazine sandy bumz beach mat


The major way to connect to mother earth and absorb her energy is by walking barefooted, but our modern-day lifestyle doesn’t give room for that. So that is why Harmony783 developed a proprietary technology to solve the problem.

The shoes are designed to make the wearer feel barefooted while not barefooted. For your special gift, you can go for the women platinum knit joggers 

Beverly hills magazine women platinum knit joggers




We live in a world that has grown noisy over the years with little or no solution for it. And now Pluggerz has made the solution readily available to all.

The earplugs were made to control and reduce the intensity of noise while still protecting the ears concurrently. The noise level can reduced to the desired level and can be used either at home or at work.

Furthermore, there are different earplugs for different situations:  sleeping, walking, reading books in silence, and many more

Beverly Hills magazine pluggerz ear plugs

I hope you are able to choose her Valentine’s Day gifts from the above.

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