Best Topics for Online Conversations with Girls

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Are you looking for single ladies online? Better know some good topics for online conversations. 

Free time 

Free time is a great topic of conversation. Nobody likes to go to school or work, everyone likes to have a rest, therefore people don’t like talking about work, they like to talk about pastimes. Such a topic is suitable both for simple communication and in order to remove an awkward pause in dialogue. Ask her what she does in her free time or how she vacationed last summer, what she did while she was on vacation, which countries or cities she went to. Anything! The topic of free time is very broad, which can be extended over several dates. What if a girl replies that she has no free time, doesn’t go anywhere, and., etc. It’s okay! Tell her about yourself. Tell her something interesting about your life. Perhaps you have traveled to some interesting city or country, perhaps you have some unusual hobby. Don’t be silent about it. Thus, you have a topic for a conversation, and she will be interested. It will be better than being silent or thinking about what to talk about. 

Work or study 

Not the best topic for a dialogue, but it’s a good way to avoid pauses in online conversations. If, when corresponding with a girl, you have an awkward pause, and other topics of dialogue do not come to mind – feel free to ask how she is doing at work or school. You can also tell her some stories from your work or school. If possible, do not stick to this topic for long and try to switch to another. Don’t forget that the transition from one topic to another should be smooth. 


If your girlfriend is into sports, this is a great topic of dialogue. At the same time, you may not understand sports at all. “How so?” – you ask. It is quite simple. Ask about her favorite sport, and if she loves, for example, football, basketball, hockey, or any other sport, tell a girl that this is also interesting to you, and you would like to know more about it. If a girl is truly passionate about this, her story will be long and interesting.  


Family is generally one of the best topics for dialogue since people don’t talk about it to everyone they meet and this topic brings people very close. Tell a girl about your family, your relatives and friends, then maybe she will tell you about hers. If, after your fascinating story about your relatives, in response, she did not want to talk about her relatives – do not be upset and do not pressure her. 


If there is nothing to talk about on a date or there is an awkward pause, you can talk about animals. Ask a girl about her pets or who she would like to have as a pet, you can also tell her about your favorite animals. Tell her about how you take care of them, girls love it, and you will also seem cute to her. The pets topic is the perfect way to show your girlfriend how caring you are – use it. 

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