Bespoke Advertising: Inclusion is More Than a Trend

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Bespoke advertising involves a concept called inclusion and it is a trendy way to advertise to your audience. Inclusive marketing advertises to a specific audience considering age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, income, and interest. You can use this type of advertising to reach a wide audience and market to specific groups at the same time.

Billboards as Advertising Tools

Billboards are still a good marketing tool when used correctly. Most consumers, when driving on the highway, will look at billboards or on the road because they draw our attention to them. If your business message can be told in 8 seconds, a billboard can be a useful tool for you. A billboard with a visual image and short copy can get the message across.

Many boys, girls, men, and women wear braces to straighten their teeth. Imagine a billboard with different ages groups wearing braces and the copy reading, “Need Braces–Call Today”. That would be an effective way to advertise braces to a wide population. Or the company can design ads geared to specific groups that they may have never reached.

This is the power of inclusive advertising. When you market to customers you have not thought of as included in your mainstream market, you will have to design a different billboard to advertise braces. Today, according to the American Association of Orthodontics, over 4 million Americans wear braces. This is a good reason to try inclusiveness in advertising.

On-Site Advertising Signs

The value of an advertising sign in front of or near a business is as effective as 24 full-page newspaper ads a year. The reason is that the sign stays in place as customers drive or walk by they will see it. An advertising sign in front of an individual orthodontic office will remind a variety of customers that they might need braces. It is a cost-effective way to advertise their services to specific customers.

A sign in front of a retail outlet or home for sale will be seen by drivers and those that walk by. These signs do not compete with other advertising on the Internet. They are in front or near the business and the customer sees them and often just focuses on one message. You can have several signs designed for different customers using the same message but geared towards them.

To effectively use inclusive marketing, you need to get to know your target market through research, surveys or trying to reach them by finding out about their wants and needs. Learning about trends that affect specific groups can expand your sales to new customers you may have never considered. Ask yourself what customers are excluded from the type of products or services I sell? Learn through marketing or research what product or services they are seeking and see if you can meet their needs.

Internet and Advertising

The Internet is extremely competitive with advertising and marketing. Using some traditional methods will broaden your market. SEO and Internet searches will put you in competition with several businesses. When customers view many ads, you can lose because someone has a better ad than you do. Your ads may miss some market that you never considered reaching. Billboards, signs, flyers, and posters are another way to get your message out. A printed newsletter in the mail or even an ad may get some consumers’ attention that do not have a computer or Internet access.

The Internet is still an important way to advertise and research customers, but using more traditional advertising that speaks to your customers can increase sales and bring in new customers. With over 90,000 domains registered each week, you know the competition on the Internet is extensive.

These are the reasons inclusive bespoke advertising may be something to think about using for your business in 2022. This trend is now being used with traditional advertising and online. Keeping up with contemporary trends will help you devise new ways to reach customers.

Tim Werth
Timothy Beck Werth was born on the Fourth of July. He studied journalism, film, and radio at the University of Southern California. Previously, he worked as a reporter and copywriter in Los Angeles.
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