Best Tactical Flashlight Buying Guide

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A tactical flashlight is designed for tactical use, such as police and military use.

Tactical flashlights are designed to give top of the line reliability, durability, and brightness. Plus, many can be mounted to a weapon for low-light shooting.

Advantages of tactical flashlight

Warrior 3S OD green

Olight warrior 3S is the best tactical flashlight having top technological specs. This flashlight has the capability to lighten up dark locations with a highest brightness of 2,300 lumens.

Very reliable and durable, the body and head tube of this flashlight is made of Aluminum Alloy.

This flashlight has the capability to throw the light about 300 meters. Additional intensifying the performance, the flashlight has a 5000mAh 21700 battery with e MCC3 USB magnetic charging cable.

Olight warrior 3S ODG high beam tactical flashlight has a warranty of five years due to its high 1.5-meter drop test, making it perfect for harsh situations and body made of thick layer of aluminum alloy raising its durability.

If you are looking for an allrounder flashlight that relaxes most of your needs in case of emergency, then Olight warrior is the top flashlight with high brightness power of 2,300 lumens.

The flashlight is very strong and durable that can be fastly charged with the MCC3 USB magnetic charging cable. In the case of a low-power battery, the flashlight has an indicator of vibration.


They are scratch-proof, shock-proof, and shatter-proof, so they can handle falling from heights of 5 feet or more.

Most tactical flashlights like Warrior 3S OD green are waterproof with water-sealed charging ports. These flashlights withstand rain, floods, snow, and even being submerged in water depths of 3 feet.


Modern-day tactical flashlights are made with portability in mind. With many just three to seven inches long, they are little than regular flashlights and are little enough to fit in your pocket or clip onto your tactical belt or bag. And most weight just two to eight ounces, so you would not have to hesitate about a big, clunky flashlight weighting you down. Warrior 3S OD green flashlight weights only 6.21oz/176g (Including Battery).

Better illumination

Tactical flashlights are very bright matched to regular flashlights. While your standard commercial flashlight is around twenty-five to hundred lumens, the light output from tactical flashlights ranges from hundred to two-thousand lumens. The light output of tactical flashlights is so bright that light beams can reach 1,000 to 1,300 feet. This brightness comes in handy when in full darkness at night.

Can be used as a weapon

Some tactical flashlights come with a toothed or serrated bezel. These bezels are meant for breaking windows in emergencies. But they can also be used as a weapon to strike attackers on the head or face.

Other features


A tactical flashlight can help in self-defense by illuminating your surroundings and spotting risks, while striking attackers and blinding attackers, which will disrupt their focus and aim. They will just view a wall of bright light, and would not have a clear view of you and your position.

Blinding attackers

Shinning a bright light on attackers faces can blind them for a moment, causing them to be disoriented

Shining a bright light on attackers’ faces can blind them momentarily, causing them to be disoriented and likely to hold their hands up to their faces to block the light. This frees up a few moments to defend yourself. You can see if they are holding a weapon, and they won’t be able to attack you if they can’t see you.

Signaling for help

The bright light beams of tactical flashlights can be used to give distress signal, mainly when using the strobe light feature. With these signals for help, rescuers can find you and others in need.

Factors to consider before buy


When looking for the top tactical flashlights, brightness is the most vital factor to look for. Lumens tell the intensity of light.

The level of brightness of the flashlight ranges from about 3500 lumens is considered to be the top tactical flashlight to go for. So before buying the top tactical flashlights do test the brightness.

Size and weight

While purchasing the best tactical flashlights, go for those that are very portable, lightweight, and travel-friendly. Flashlights that are operated by a one hand are the most perfect to use.

The pocket clip and wrist strap of the flashlights make them simple to use and can be carried simply anywhere.

Battery life

Some of the flashlights have rechargeable batteries or job on disposal batteries. Flashlights being lightweight that job on AAA or AA batteries give a long performance time.

While rechargeable flashlights are most general nowadays where the users can straight charge the flashlights via USB cable ports. So, while purchasing the flashlights, do consider the battery life as well.

Water proof

Another one of the most vital factors to be considered while purchasing tactical flashlight is its property of being waterproof.

Flashlights with IPX4 ratings make the flashlight resistant to water splash. Also, this waterproof feature of flashlight makes it perfect for users to use it even underwater for almost one hour.


How many lumens should a best flashlight have?

A flashlight having 120 lumens of brightness is known to be best one to opt for. This level of brightness helps to shed the light on such unusual and dark conditions and also helps in self-defense.

How many lumens does police flashlight have?

Tactical flashlight for police has a special range of lumens which is 3100 lumen of light output.

Are tactical flashlights legal?

It is possible that your state outlaws flashlights big enough to be used as a weapon, though most states have such laws. Before buying a tactical flashlight, you should check the area or your laws.

Is the beam of a tactical flashlight visible?

It depends on the candela, lumens, and zoom of the flashlight. When the beam of most tactical flashlights is much focused, it is generally visible, which can be helpful when trying to highlight a signal or object to others.

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