Best Practices For Great Customer Service For An Ecommerce Store

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People shopping online have high expectations. They want to find exactly what they are looking for, want to be able to talk to somebody about their concerns, and want it shipped quickly. Running an e-commerce store that is successful has to have a lot of elements working for it. Yet, customer service should be very high on the priority list.

When an owner has customer service as a priority, the rest usually falls right into place. The opposite is also true. Having most things done right but with poor customer service leaves a lot of money on the table as it impacts revenue.

In this article, we will go over several ways to have great customer service for customers to an e-commerce store.

Quick Response Time

 When people buy from a brick-and-mortar store, they have the option to go back to the store and rectify the problem they are having quickly and on the spot. If they have a return they often can leave the store with a replacement or refund in a matter of minutes.

Consumers have the same expectation with buying online. They hope to be able to solve their issue quickly. The trick is to make sure this happens on your end so they can be happy with how quickly their needs can be met. There should be somebody to talk to immediately when there is a problem and returns should be dealt with rapidly. Using a courier service in California to get a returned package to them the same day, or at the latest, the next day will go a long way toward feeling like their needs were met right away.

It is also important to find the courier that will offer tracking information to the customer. This will alleviate their concerns about not knowing where their returned package is and help create a sense of trust with them. Working with the same day courier service that offers notifications to customers can help make the entire experience feel seamless and efficient. It creates that same sense of immediacy that they would find in a physical store.

Use Multiple Communication Channels

 Not everybody needs to speak with a person and some people would rather do the troubleshooting themselves. This is why there should be various ways for people to rectify the problem. Have the option to call and talk to a person directly if they have a complicated situation that needs to be explained to a person.

Others may not have much of a need or want to talk to a person so there should be a chat option for them. Sometimes it’s just a quick question when the problem is small so there is no need to wait on hold or have to go through a process to talk to a person.

Self-service is also a good option for some as well. In many cases, the software can be used on the website itself that allows a person to go through a portal that allows them to find the answer to their question or solution to their problem without the need to chat or to speak with somebody.

Follow Up

Consumers like to know that they are being looked after. Make sure to have a system where they can be contacted to see if their problem was resolved in a way that they are satisfied with. Connect them to an email campaign that automatically will send out a response asking them to let you know how their experience went and if there is anything else they need.

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