Best Health Trends To Try Now

Best Health Trends To Try Now
Best Health Trends To Try Now

When your health takes a turn for the worse, it’s an automatic reaction to rely on western medicine. It’s likely that you’re used to going to your doctor’s office when a health problem occurs and totally trusting the advice and prescription you’re given. There aren’t many people who would automatically think of reflexology if they had migraines or acupuncture for infertility. However, these options are out there and there are some people who swear by them. So, here’s your guide to alternative health and well being therapies that are trending right now.


Acupressure is a blend of acupuncture and massage, but needles aren’t used during this therapy. Your therapist will apply pressure to certain points along your body. These points are meridians and it is believed that illness occurs when one of these points is blocked. Pressure is applied in order to relieve and open the meridians. This allows energy to flow freely around the body. Studies have found that this therapy can increase blood flow, decrease symptoms of mental illness and help people to recover from surgeries.


The use of essential oils has been dated back hundreds, if not thousands of years. Many of the oils promote healing within the body and can be used in many different ways. They can be burned around your home, used during a massage and even added to a warm bath. For example, burning lavender essential oil in your bedroom and hour before you go to bed is meant to relax you and encourage a good night’s sleep. Take a look at Dr Axe’s essential guide for essential oils.


Applied kinesiology is another alternative therapy you can try when you’re not feeling at your best. This therapy is one that uses muscle testing to determine the energetic feedback your body gives. It is a way of finding out if there are any imbalances in your body and where your health issues potentially stem from. Kinesiology therapists are well trained and the therapy is meant for an all over body examination.


If you’ve never heard the name before, it may be because you know this therapy as hydrotherapy. There are many benefits to balneotherapy. The main one being that you can’t feel the weight of your body as heavily as you can on dry land. Therefore, if you need to exercise certain muscles after an accident, doing it in the water will be easier and less painful. Of course, there are also the benefits of water, with many studies having found that it can help with skin irritations and boost your immune system.


This therapy may be more familiar to you because it is widely accepted in the US. Getting a chiropractic adjustment, also known as spinal manipulation, can help users to overcome back pain. Chiropractic therapy is also used to relieve neck, arm, joints and leg pain. This therapy is ideal for athletes because it can loosen joints and increase mobility. Therefore, athletes who may have had repeated injuries or were forced to compete with an injury, can find some relief.


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