Best Guide To Health and Beauty

Best Guide To Health and Beauty

Most people have been there, that moment when you catch a glimpse of yourself in a shop mirror, and you’re less than impressed. You walk around looking at other people and thinking, what could their secret be? The people whizzing by you, all seem to have a better complexion, better teeth, better hair and they’re somehow fighting off age deterioration. Well, you’re not the only one, wondering if there’s something, anything, that you can do to either get in their league and perhaps even surpass them. It’s not so much the finding of specific beauty products by a brand that works best with your skin; the hard part is finding the specific products that will work flawlessly for you and sticking to a routine. (Image by Joy Weinberg)

Organic Oil

Stopping the clock sure isn’t easy, but massaging organic sesame oil all over your body early in the morning would claw back some of the springiness your skin deserves. Just as your pores are opening, or after your morning shower, massage the oil, all over your body, but keep it thin as you don’t want to try and replace your natural oils. The oil will hydrate your skin and bring about a golden glow.

Fish oil  

Fish oil is an anti-inflammatory, which works extremely well for you anti-aging skin care regime. The main function of cod liver oil or a type of fish oil rich in omega-3 is to boost your immune system. It supports your heart in becoming healthy, hair growth and leaves the skin supple to the touch. The recommended dosage is 500 milligrams in the morning or at night.

Teeth need care too

Drinks like coffee can often stain your teeth, and liquids high in acidity such as juice drinks chip away at your enamel causing your them to become gray. All throughout the day, your toothpaste should provide you with a protective coating and a health rebuffed surface that reflects the harmful molecules from penetrating. A surefire sign of age is a mouth that looks stale, so whitening your teeth with products like Charcoal Toothpaste should be a part of your daily beauty routine.

Lose the excess

Makeup does improve the look of your face aesthetically, but it asks a lot of your skin. Wearing foundation all day is very tough on your skin as the makeup blocks your natural oils from seeping out and hydrating your skin. Additionally, makeup can settle into the cracks and wrinkles in your face and amplify them where they become noticeable. To ditch this unfavorable part of your routine, replace it with a renewed love of your natural beauty. Start by applying a concealer on the areas where you need it, then apply a thin layer of tint or light moisturizer.

(Image by Kelsey Vere)

Crow’s feet

Egg white will taut and tighten your skin, thereby reducing the look of crow’s feet around your eye area. Simply, beat one egg white until the liquid has a frothy are smooth consistency. Apply it to your face, especially on your cheekbones and the curvature around your eyes. Leave it to rest for approximately 15 minutes to the point where it becomes dry. Get a piece or ball of cotton and start wiping it off your face with lukewarm water.

Massage away the years

Massage is simply the diamond in the rough; it’s the one part of the recommended routine which people actively overlook. Whether this is because people are afraid of the discomfort, anxiety of trusting another person with your body, laziness or just not realizing the benefits, most people seem to avoid getting one.

A Swedish massage specializes in draining the lymph nodes, which hold all the toxins and other excess or waste chemicals in your skin. Kneading is just like it sounds; the skin and upper tissue of your body is massaged in a way a baker would grab and move his or her dough. This technique is also known as effleurage; as the main goal of the massage therapist is to release the harmful toxins into the excretory system while refreshing your skin cells to recycle and renew.


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