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The Art of Body Shape
The Art of Body Shape

People all over the world have fallen in love with the Art of Body Shape. An innovative and one of a kind fitness studio located in the heart of Beverly Hills. The Art of Body Shape offers the best body shaping results in the beauty business.

In a short period of time “Eclipse” studio which is a branch of The Art of Body Shape company became very popular. Many actors, singers, businesswomen are members of this studio and now it has become prestigious to go there. As a journalist I tried to find out the secret why it is so popular. I was pleasantly surprised that I was provided a trial completely free of charge. One of the clients shared her impression.

This studio is for those who have no time for a usual fitness and who value their time. It turned out that you lose more than 1000 calories on a single equipment in 30 minutes session and what is amazing is that there’s no pain in the muscles afterwards.

You are in a great mood after a workout as well. Example: you simply walk on a treadmill and not run as usual and you lose about 1000 calories after 30 minutes. There’s a very interesting workout in the water. You don’t feel your weight under the water and because of the water resistance all the muscles are working hard. As a result it is not just a weight loss but it is also recommended workout after traumas.

By the way, the majority of the clients are Europeans. So this equipment is very popular in Europe. I think such fitness studio is for everyone who value their time. Highly recommended. Book your session today!

165 N San Vicente Blvd Beverly Hills CA 90211

Call +1 323 4132290

Call +1 323 8475240


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