Best Cloud Solutions For A Startup Business

Cloud Solutions for Startups: Setting Your Small Business for Success #Cloud-based storage
Cloud Solutions for Startups: Setting Your Small Business for Success #Cloud-based storage

If you think that only big businesses benefit from moving to a cloud-based system, you’re mistaken. Affording cloud-based system isn’t just about accessibility for a large number of employees; they’re also about performance, one that small businesses have to pursue to ensure success. (Image Credit: Pexels/Christina Morillo)

These large companies already know what cloud-computing systems can do for them, but what can it do for your small start-up? And does any company qualify for cloud services?


The first issue that any starting businessstarting business will run into is being short-handed. They have to make do with their skeletal team until they can scale to a larger size, which means they will have to depend on automating some processes to make things easier.

This is where cloud computing can potentially assist small businesses. There are tons of cloud-based applications that start-ups can use to automate and optimize daily operations. This way, they don’t have to designate people to do mundane or multiple tasks.


Collaborating is also made easier through cloud-based platforms because they offer undeterred access from various places and devices. This allows your team to work virtually anywhere and be productive at their own pace.

This also gives them an easier mode of communication. Through the cloud, anyone can add team members to channels, permit or restrict access, and communicate through a multitude of platforms based on their working style.

Team members can also store, archive, and organize large amounts of data on the cloud for easier retrieval.


If you’re a newly founded banking entity, marketing agency, or retail business, then you’ll be needing cloud-computing systems to process mountains of data. There are cloud-based applications whose algorithm can process and interpret data to produce actionable insights for small businesses that otherwise don’t have the facility or the expertise.

Through the cloud, you will also be able to combine different data sets from various data-processing platforms into clear and consolidated visualizations. This is then optimized for reporting and synchronization to crucial persons in your team.

Scalability and mobility

The great thing about cloud-based computing systems is that they serve their purpose regardless of the size, scale, or timeline of the business. QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting is one of example of a scalable an accounting software used by startups. Start-ups can scale up or down with ease and economy, instead of adding or reducing hardware and software manually. This also makes logistics a lot easier – if you’re finally scaling and transferring to a larger facility, you won’t have to worry about hauling your entire workspace with you


The thing is, the greatest threat to your sensitive data can still be perpetrated by someone from your private office, intentional or not. That’s why moving your servers offsite is the smarter move for small businesses.

Instead of passing on the burden of data protection to your in-house IT officer who probably already has a lot on their plate, you can opt for cloud hosting services. These are dedicated to monitoring access to your encrypted cloud-based servers to ensure they are incredibly secure.


If the worse comes to worst and you do lose pertinent data, you’d still thank yourself for choosing to migrate to the cloud where everything is backed up for disaster recovery. In cases of a power outage, hardware failure, or cyber-attack, cloud hosting services provide a foolproof way of retrieving your data through routine backups. In a similar way if you are migrating your cloud infrastructure or performing any migration task such as Exchange migration then proper data recovery techniques are implemented so that there is zero data loss during such critical tasks. You’d also be able to regulate and authorize retrieval protocols so your data won’t be in disarray even after a disaster has struck your business.

No matter which industry you’re in, your business will always find a reliable companion in cloud-computing systems. It’s not just insurance or a cheaper alternative – it’s a competitive edge. When your operations are executed quicker, easier, and more efficiently, then your business is bound to succeed!

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