Beauty Routine That Overcome Aging Effects

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Time passes for everyone and there comes a time when, in order to overcome its effects, we must include in our beauty routines anti-aging products that help us in our mission.  That’s when we start looking for the best anti-aging face cream, the star product for the care of an increasingly demanding dermis in need of care.

But the skin is the largest organ of our body with a much more complex vital network than we imagine since it communicates with the brain through more than 800,000 receptors. This circumstance makes it an excellent transmitter and one of the best vehicles to improve our well-being through its treatment.

Neurocosmetics was created in response to this need. Based on this interrelationship, it prepares cosmetics whose ingredients have unique organoleptic qualities that increase the positive sensations of their users while responding to the usual needs of hydration, luminosity, or nutrition.

A good way to explore the possibilities offered by this branch of cosmetics is through FACIALDERM, whose PRO-YOUTH and DE-STRESS formulas have won international awards for their quality and innovation. The effective active ingredients of its products have a direct impact on two important issues:

Stress management and its relation to premature aging

Stress is one of the major causes of aging. It causes serious imbalances in the skin and deprives it of its natural defenses, accelerating the processes of cellular oxidation and leaving it unarmed against the inclemencies of everyday life.

The effects are clear: loss of firmness, dehydration, expression lines, hyperpigmentation, and wrinkles of lesser or greater depth.

FACIALDERM, through its D-Stress line, associates the different treatments with powerful ingredients that contribute to stopping or alleviating their negative effects.

Intensive treatment is the most effective response

When problems become evident, it is necessary to fight the causes without reserve or limitation. Thanks to serum face boosters, we deliver to our skin a real bomb of active ingredients, as they are products with a high concentration of the most powerful ingredients and maximum efficiency.

At the same time, the psychoactive ingredients act by regulating our emotions and helping the production of endorphins with the consequent additional benefits.

FACIALDERM’s complete line of products provides us with the ideal solutions to build an optimal care base. Its products go far beyond simple skincare and take care of us inside and out.

All its proposals, whether in the form of cream or serum, are designed to facilitate the development of good habits and encourage us to look at ourselves from a new, much more holistic, and complete perspective.

The world of beauty has changed and neurocosmetics is the replica of this change, a new paradigm in which our external state is a reflection of how we are internal. The planning of our routine ceases to be linear and becomes care of greater scope, quality and intensity.

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