Ayma Forex Trading Strategy

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Ayma is a forex trading strategy that is suitable mostly for by trend definition, however, its trading signals have some elements of reversal applications. Anyway, the profit is much more sustainable when it comes from a sustainable trend.

It should also be noted that the number of trading signals in Ayma forex strategy is large enough which requires time consumption. Statistics tell that the strategy had a positive performance showing a profit of 1354 pips (four-digit quotes) during the last year starting from August 2017.

But at the same time, the drawdown was also quite significant – 217 pips. The currency pair used for this strategy is EUR/USD and the timeframe is H1. This forex trading strategy uses such indicators as MACD which is a modified MACD indicator with default settings and a simple moving average for a period of 100 hours.

Any MetaTrader 4 terminal has SMA100 by default so there is no need to search for this widely used technical indicator.

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How to use Ayma

Ayma forex trading strategy conditions for long positions are as follows:

1. The price is above the simple moving average;

2. MACD indicator scale appears above zero levels and therefore, the blue line is above the red line. It is very important! When the MACD lines cross each other below the zero levels, then the wave itself does not have to cross the moving average;

3. A long position has to be opened on the close of the candle which indicates all of the signals.

4. The stop-loss order is equal to 35 pips;

5. The position has to be set in no-risk mode after 30 pips in the positive direction;

6. Take-profit order is equal to 90 pips from the entry point;

7. Another position in the same direction has to be opened on new signals appearance, even if the previous one is still active.

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