Animal Business Ideas

Animal Business Ideas!
Animal Business Ideas!

If you’re getting ready to start a business, the chances are that you’re a little stuck for ideas. With so many industries around, choosing just one sector to go into can be tricky. There’s not just your interests and skills to consider but also which areas you’re likely to be most successful in. One area of business that is blossoming is the pet sector – there are so many new opportunities.

So if you’re someone who loves animals, launching a pet-based business could be perfect. Whether it’s a healthy pet food business or a tailor made pet harness company, it doesn’t matter. To give you some ideas for your new venture, we’ve put together this handy business idea guide. Have a read and see whether any of these appeal to you.

Organic treat maker

Do you love to bake? Do you enjoy experimenting with new things? Are you passionate about animal health? If you’ve answered yes to all of these things, a career as an animal treat maker could be perfect for you. This is an easy business to start as it’s one that can be done from home and then developed over time.

Today, more and more pets suffer from allergies and food intolerances, so can’t have regular dog treats. Because of this, organic and homemade treats for dogs, cats, rabbits, and small animals have become more and more popular. If you’ve got a good recipe for creating pet treats or would like to develop one, this could be the perfect business opportunity.

Obedience trainer

Many young dogs struggle when it comes to obedience, leaving owners worrying about what to do. If you’re good with dogs and know what it takes to help them become better behaved, a job as an obedience trainer could be perfect for you.

It’s a career that may take some time to perfect, as you’ll need to undergo training and also build up your customer base. However, if you make a name for yourself as a trustworthy obedience trainer, you’ll never be short of work.

Small animal seller

If you’re a lover of small animals, then running your own small animal shop could be ideal. The great thing being that if you’re in charge, you can ensure that every animal goes to a good home.

From rabbits and guinea pigs to more exotic animals like a pygmy marmoset, you’ll have full choice over what you sell. Just make sure to get a license for any small animals that need one – some exotic snakes require a license to be sold.

Pet bed designer

Have you got an eye for design? If you have a creative streak, why not launch a bed design business? Offer a unique service that gives pet owners an experience like no other, and your business will be a huge success.

Perhaps you could offer customizable pet bed designs, allowing the owners to choose the shape and other details? Often, the business that do the best in terms of profits, tend to be the ones that offer a unique service.

There are various areas of the pet industry that you can go into; these are just a few animal business ideas to get you started.


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