All-Electric BMW Coupe: The Concept i4

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The long wait is finally over. On 3rd March 2020, BMW unveiled details of their upcoming concept car. Initially, the vehicle itself was to appear at the Geneva International Motor Show. However instead, the German automaker opted to release the long-awaited concept i4 details online.

For a while, BMW teased fans with a dream car about following up on the i3. In November 2019, they only released a few specs at the LA Auto Show. Now, the cat is out of the bag, and they have slated to release the new cool car in 2021.

All-Electric Coupe from BMW: The Concept i4 #coolcar #fastcars #cars #dreamcars #carmagazine #pupularcarmagazine #concept #conceptcar #conceptBMWi4 #BMWi4 #BMW
Engine Specs and Performance of the new BMW Car
As expected, BMW reiterated on the specs announced earlier on at the LA Auto Show. They also made clarifications about the range.

A while back, BMW claimed the i4 would do 600 kilometers using its 80 kWH battery pack. This led to speculation the company was relying on the European WLTP standard. Interestingly, it turns out right, and As BMW says, the i4 will feature an EPA-range estimate of 435 kilometers.

Though the i4 is a cool car that mirrors the future, it will still feature a BMW fifth-generation eDrive platform. That includes a new electric motor, power electronics, high-voltage battery, and a charging unit. Likewise, this fifth-generation platform will feature in the new iX3 and iNEXT SUV models destined for the Chinese market.

According to BMW, the 80 kWH battery pack in the upcoming i4 is flat and weighs 550 kg. If you compare with the main rival, Tesla Model 3, whose battery pack weighs 70 kg less, it’s clear BMW is pushing to take the mantle of electro-mobility.

BMW may sound ambitious with its battery pack. In comparison to Porsche’s Taycan Turbo, which has a 93.4 kWh battery pack and only manages an EPA rating of 201 miles. Yet, BMW is not letting its guard down and insists the i4 is the cool car for the future. Since, the model features a single motor capable of generating 390 kW of power, which equals to about 530 horsepower.

According to BMW, the output from the electric motor is on par with one of the company’s V8 combustion engines. Besides, the i4 is a fast car on its right, BMW claims, the vehicle speeds from zero to 100 kilometers in less than four seconds.

All-Electric Coupe from BMW: The Concept i4 #coolcar #fastcars #cars #dreamcars #carmagazine #pupularcarmagazine #concept #conceptcar #conceptBMWi4 #BMWi4 #BMW
The Distinct Design of The BMW Concept i4

The latest model from the German automaker has eye-catching design elements. From the images, you instantly notice the stylish closed-off kidney grille on the front end, which plays host to various sensors. Also, the grille is a potent reminder of its combustion engine history, that’s according to BMW.

Another noticeable feature is the glass roof, two freestanding LED digital displays on the sides. As seen on the images, expect fewer touch buttons on the interior and perhaps a single knob on the console areas.

On the rear side, the i4 has slim L-shaped lights, solely styled wheels for enhancing the aerodynamic aspect. Step inside, and you witness standout feature, a toggle-type gear shift crafted to complement the chic decor. Similarly, the exterior profile is stylish, and they have used modern frozen light copper to add some finishing touches.

Last Verdict

Fans have been waiting for BMW to follow up on the i3 EV. Now, the i4 concept car is out; all we can do is wait and see what happens in Munich.

Let’s hope the actual car that hits the market features all the aspects of a dream car shown in the concept i4. Though the cost per unit remains unknown, users should expect an exceptional electric car from BMW with the perfect elements of technology, speed, and comfort.

All-Electric Coupe from BMW: The Concept i4 #coolcar #fastcars #cars #dreamcars #carmagazine #pupularcarmagazine #concept #conceptcar #conceptBMWi4 #BMWi4 #BMW
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