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The Italian made, Parisian born women’s shoe line, Aethon Ulyse,.
The Italian made, Parisian born women’s shoe line, Aethon Ulyse.

Who says luxury footwear style has to cost a fortune? The Italian made, Parisian born women’s shoe line, Aethon Ulyse, offers the latest fashion and style trends in luxe textiles for the spring summer 17 season at an appealing price point. Crafted by hand in Italy, Aethon Ulyse’s newest collection features this season’s most coveted styles—everything from sheer mesh paneling to gold chains and spring-time cork detailing. With all shoes ranging from $450 to $700USD, Aethon Ulyse is giving women the option to find the perfect luxury shoe for the warmer seasons. With a wide array of stylish high heel options, or more subdued summer styles, you’ll have the perfect look for any occasion.

AMAZING High heels!Conveyed through carefully crafted drawings, one product design at a time the Aethon designer, Payden Sewell, coincides scorpion style elements with a sense of femininity in the form of luxe gold chains, sexy mesh overlay and one-of-a-kind bespoken embellishments. Offering sheer pink pumps, clear, see-through booties, bright white sandals and more, Aethon Ulyse is giving women the option to try the latest luxury high heel style trends for a more affordable price than ever before. From the runway to the city streets, women all over the world will fall in love with high heels from Aethon Ulyse. Move over Manolo…There’s a new sexy shoe in town.

LOVE These Shoes!!!Aethon Ulyse has just released its spring-summer 2017 collection, with next season’s collection still in the works. Each and every product crafted by Aethon Ulyse is manufactured in Italy—merging Italian textiles such as suede, leather and fur, with sophisticated French design and United States modernity. Whether you’re shopping for a sweet date night, a sexy girl’s night out, or a more formal affair, Aethon Uylse designs will have all of your friends swooning over your one of a kind shoe style.

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