A Woman’s Guide to Wellness By Kathleen Pagnini

Fearless, Free and Functional

A ‘Click’ click’ here and a ‘click’ click’ there, I was 20 years old in 1980 at the Tower of London, England. There I was, visiting this famous tourist attraction rushing from exhibit to exhibit, uninterested, yet clicking my camera for the obligatory photos. I didn’t really want to visit the touristy places, it wasn’t my thing back then, my passion was fitness and I wanted to see how British people ‘work out’.’

After the photos, I ran through Covent Garden towards Langley Street to my ultimate destination, The Pineapple Dance Studio. I squeezed myself into a crammed room filled with sweating British.  We took our shoes off and assumed a squat position, you know, the sort of position you get into when you go to the loo in a square hole in the ground still found in small European villages.

That was 43 years ago.  I don’t do those workouts anymore, yet I can still squat with ease, not because of my lengthy career with Fitness and Pilates, on the contrary, it’s the opposite, once I stopped all the crazy workouts, I regained my shape and health.   I didn’t know then, but I was about to embark on a new frontier and become a pioneer in ‘whole’ core health.

Kathleen Pagnini A Woman's Guide To Wellness

Nature gives you the body you have at 20 it’s up to you to merit the body you have at 50 

Regardless of age and physical abilities, if you wish to age gracefully, to move how, where, and when you want, to function fearlessly and free without a worry of urinary leaks, or pain, without pills, pads, surgery or Kegels.. this message is for you. Even though I loved the Pineapple Studio workouts and Pilates days, I didn’t realize I was aging myself.

It took me over 35 years in a Fitness and Pilates career to find myself having to unlearn and relearn how to move in order to merit the body and health I have now.

Get rid of the pooch and I don’t mean your dog

It happened in 2009, when I was 49 at the peak of my Fitness and Pilates career when I noticed my body wasn’t responding to exercise like it used to.    The workouts weren’t working and my lower back began to hurt.  Not to mention my thighs were getting thicker and my lower belly began to pooch. (Photos of me pictured at age 32, 49 and 63)

I was encouraged to attend a Pelvic Floor workshop by my Pilates mentor.  The workshop was taught by Dr. Theresa Nesbitt, a world renowned OBGYN, who specializes in Neuroplasticity and Genetics.   There were a plethora of medical providers, physical therapist, chiropractors, trainers, dancers, singers – people from all different careers and lifestyles in attendance.

The first thing she said was, “You have never heard this information before, not on the internet or from doctor.”

We have two cores but we are aware of and train only one.”

“We have an outer core called the Coat that we train with sit ups, crunches, planks and Kegels and we also have an inner core called the Corset, that is trained in a completely different way and responsible for the low belly pooch, back pain, urinary leaks and more. The inner core, the Corset, is inside of the rib cage and pelvis and looks like a canister. The top is the diaphragm and the bottom are three pelvic floor layers.  The Kegel layer is the outermost and weaker of the three and never meant to hold back the pee. A millisecond prior to movement, even a sneeze, the brain knows and prepares the body by activating the Corset compressing and compacting heavy internal organs and guts around the spine to stabilize you.

The Corset pre activates, first, involuntarily to stabilize, then the Coat, voluntary muscles, reinforce and mobilize.

There’s an order from the inside to the outside. It’s about TIMING. When the timing is off, which happens for many reasons, function is compromised. 

We have been using our ‘voluntary’ Coat muscles to do both jobs, stability and mobility.  It’s like putting your foot on the gas and break at the same time, no wonder we are having so many problems. Women don’t know that they don’t know, so they take pills, use pads, have surgeries and do endless kegels.  It just doesn’t work that way”.

After the workshop we emailed a few times when she invited me to mentor with her to learn and help teach the women of the world. 

What an OFFER! YES! So we did.. for over 10 years.  The Corset also helps with hormone balance, self-healing mechanism activation, urinary leakage, pain, prolapse, hernias, posture deviations, depression and spine health but that’s just the beginning.

Kathleen Pagnini A Woman's Guide To Wellness

With this knowledge on how we were designed to move and heal naturally there’s an increase in awareness that trickles into other areas of our lives.  We become more grateful.  Gratefulness turns into self-acceptance. Acceptance turns into love, happiness, a youthful spirit and we become…

Fearless, to move whenever, wherever and however we want with confidence with no worries of leaks or pain.

Free from the negative side effects of pills and surgery

Function that lasts a lifetime for ‘La Dolce Vita’ that awaits.

Today at 63, I live in Italy, fearlessly, free and functional and continue to educate women on this understudied and under-appreciated part of our anatomy, the Corset.

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Kathleen Pagnini A Woman's Guide To Wellness

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