A Guide To Create The Perfect Pool Resort

Beverly Hills Magazine A Practical Guide to Create the Perfect Pool Resort
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We all dream of a break that lets you escape from the grind of your 9-5 corporate job. Everyone loves to lounge by the poolside, sipping their favorite beer, and making memories for life. But, why don’t you enjoy this every day right in your backyard? Spend your money reserved for the family vacation on building the perfect pool resort. 

Here’s what you need to do to have a real resort-like experience:-

Construct a Pool Enclosure

A well-designed pool enclosure renders a stroke of true glamor to your backyard pool and impresses everyone who wishes to come over to your place for pool parties. 

Also, it saves your kids or pets from falling into the pool water and provides complete privacy. You can unwind in shady comfort while enjoying the aesthetics of nature around your property. 

A pool enclosure will ensure that you’ll have some of the most lasting moments with family and friends. Plus, the pool enclosure can be tailored as per your personal preference. 

You can also install a solar pool cover that has multiple practical benefits. 

LED Pool Lights

There are several advantages of installing LED pool lights. They can transform your private pool space while enhancing the detailed features, and your overall swimming experience. The LED pool lights let you change the mood of your backyard and highlight features such as stone walls or a spa. It provides excellent night-time viability and boosts your pool safety. 

Although LED pool lights are slightly on the expensive side, they are highly energy-efficient. Quality LED lights have a lifespan of ten years and even more. LED pool lights are available in a variety of colors and shapes to create stunning visual effects. 

Have a FirePit

A firepit by the poolside creates a relaxed ambiance for you and your family to stay warm during cold winter nights. 

The fire feature also allows you to cook marshmallows and hotdogs; you can grill anything over the flame. There are numerous backyard fire pit ideas, you should choose one that seamlessly blends with your property’s curb appeal. 

Build a Spa

Soaking in a hot tub that provides various health benefits such as relieving muscle pain, stress relaxation, and improved sleep makes a pool spa worth an investment. 

In a residential setting, an inground spa is often seamlessly attached to the inground pool; similar to what you see at gyms and high-end hotels. 

All the plumbing and electrical components of a pool spa are built inside the hot tub cabinet. 

Porch Swings

Another great addition to your poolside is a modern porch swing that provides comfort and a resort-like feel in your backyard. Although it requires professional installation, a porch swimming serves as a perfect spot to read your favorite novel or take some nap time.

Further, the lounge chairs can amplify the essence of your poolside.

Even if some of the above-mentioned ideas involve spending a few extra dollars, resort-style living in your backyard will ultimately ensure you don’t have to spend your life’s savings on exotic vacations. 

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