A Guide to Buying The Perfect Leather Jackets

Beverly Hills Magazine  A Guide to Buying The Perfect Leather Jackets
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Leather is considered a wardrobe staple that most people must have in their wardrobe. Most men like to wear a leather jacket while they enjoy the speed spree on their bikes or when they are looking for having a casual fun time with buddies or just to sport an attitude to display respectable authority at work. If you have someone that loves leather jackets, giving them the best leather motorcycle jacket will serve as an exceptional gift they will cherish forever! 

Nevertheless, there are several things that you must keep in mind to buy your leather jacket. But, the most important things to keep in mind include:

  • Your body’s current measurements including your arm length, waist, and chest sizes.
  • The way you want to pair your men’s leather jacket
  • What’s your optimal budget (considering nearly $350-$500 per premium quality jacket).

What must you do?

  • Set the right budget

You are in a better position to cut down the range of choices you can make if you decide on a budget for yourself. Moreover, several sites allow you to filter or sort the prices according to your budget. The first thing you need to remember is that you must understand the difference between fake leather and genuine leather. $300 is the minimum price you should expect for a premium quality men’s leather jacket.

  • Decide the style you want to purchase

There can be several styles of leather jackets that you can choose from. Select the ones that match your personal choice of style. Do you require a jacket that looks professional, or do you want to get that celebrative rock star-like look? Or do you need a leather jacket that gives you the right attitude when you will be on your bike?

  • Biker: This is the jacket meant for the bikers. This kind of jacket is close to the body and has a thin and tight design that gives you a comfortable feeling while you are on your motorcycle. The biker has several zippers, flaps, designs, and buttons over the numerous pockets it carries. Most of the men’s leather jackets are usually black in color.
  • Bomber: The bomber style of jackets originated from the pilots who fought in world war I and World War II. The bomber-style jackets are highly protective and also have the right design to keep you warm. Moreover, these are thin, allowing you free movement. The bombers have a simple style and often do not have any pockets and buttons. A bomber can be referred to as the best leather motorcycle jacket as it is a versatile leather jacket for men who like to sport various styles. Bombers are generally available in black or brown tones. The modern bomber jackets have an original style that conformed to the needs and requirements of the aviators. The bombers exude masculinity. The bombers are quite warm, and they do not need many layers beneath them in moderate cold.
  • The flight jacket: The flight jackets have an original design that was first used by pilots. These are generally made from sheepskin, located at the collars, cuffs, or in the interiors as a lining. Remember, the sheepskin is visible in some way or the other. Never wear too many layers under the flight jacket as it leads to a lot of sweating.
  • Various other trendy styles: The different other trendy styles of the men’s leather jackets include pea coat, trench coat, and leather jacket with fur collar. It can surely be tempting to get a unique leather jacket that you can wear often.
  • Figure out your size and body parameters: Refer to a few leather jacket size charts to determine your body’s measurements, especially on company websites where you must buy. Most of the companies have their size chart, and you need to figure out if you need the smallest size or the medium or tall or big jacket.

You will have to find the brand size chart measurements you fall under. You need the fit of your leather jacket for men to be snug (feeling not too tight, not too loose). Some companies provide custom-made leather jackets, which are the best options for you.

  • Materials of the leather jacket for men: Some of the best leather materials include horse skin, goatskin, and sheepskin. While goatskin is a highly durable and tough material, sheepskin is a relatively softer material. 

Full-grain leather refers to the original skin, and it is a truly tough material. The top grain is the upper layer of the skin and forms a thinner layer. In other cases, you have the split-grain or the lower layer, which is the right choice for suede jackets. Top grain and full grain are the preferred and high-quality choices for leathers.

  • Choose a color: Black and brown are the classic choices of colors for leathers. But black is the color that gives you an edge. Moreover, brown jackets are again a great choice, and many men have a personal preference for brown jackets over black ones. Some of the other colors that make a great statement include the red leather jacket. While choosing the color of the leather jacket, remember, colors other than black and brown can also look great.
  • You can choose a tough or a soft one: You must draw a plan of what you will be wearing with a leather jacket. For example, if you want to choose a jacket that also functions as a motorcycle jacket, you will need a tough jacket.

Hides like horsehide and cowhide are tough ones, and you may feel like a terminator while wearing men’s jackets made from these materials. If initially, you feel them as too hard, remember, as you keep wearing them, the materials will get softer, and you will feel more comfortable in them. 

In many cases, lambskin, goatskin, and sheepskin are common raw materials for soft quality leather jackets. Leather jackets made from lambskin are exceptionally soft and also give a luxurious look. Goatskin forms a water-resistant and durable and supple choice of leather. It is used for manufacturing the shearling jacket for the pilots. It is the lightest and the softest skin. Lambskin is the softest one used of many luxury labels.

Remember, genuine leather jackets are worth their while. In most cases, they are highly durable and not susceptible to tearing unlike jackets made from other traditional materials like cotton or denim. If you are wearing a jacket while riding your motorbike, make sure you choose the best leather motorcycle jacket, which will be a jacket made from hard-wearing hide.

If you are thinking of using faux leather in place of original leather to save a few bucks, you are likely to regret your decision in some time. How would you get the toughness of leather, the subtle cedar-like aroma, the warmth that the handmade leather jacket exudes? 

For investing in your first jacket, you have to choose the leather jackets that go well with the plain jackets like the plain overcoat. It can often be hard to go with a dress with a classy business-like look and a casual one. Despite this, the leather jacket has its own classic style that one needs to get. The various ways a jacket lends you a dressy look are:

  • It gives you the right attitude: Attitude is the most important thing, and it helps a person look funky, classy, unique, or the way they want. It’s no secret that a leather jacket gives you the attitude that a fabric jacket does not. You can also get the bad boy vibes with a leather jacket. The best part of the leather jacket is that it provides a timeless look a guy is looking for. A leather jacket has a trendy appeal with the ruggedness it imparts. It gives a unique look that is classy and stylish much unlike that derived by wearing ripped jeans or metal studs.

The leather jacket lends the wearer an air of self-confidence, toughness, and sturdiness. Moreover, these also give you an edge from the general look and you do not have to make any special effort to sport your look (only wear on the jacket!). This is one of the most significant reasons for wearing a leather jacket not once, but many times over, again, and again.

  • Protection: The leather comes from animal hide which protects an animal throughout its life. The leather hide has tough characteristics. The toughness of a leather jacket helps you get away with the day-to-day wear and tear, though it’s not strong enough to protect you from a sharp knife attack. A premium quality leather jacket is made from high-quality raw materials, and it is treated well to last through rough usage.

The toughness of a jacket imparts the right amount of protection from the weather as well. Besides being naturally water-resistant, leather acts as a windshield. For this, many manufacturers treat the jackets with waterproof compounds. The leather jacket can keep you warm and dry even if it is rainy and snowy outside. People using wool and denim or woolen jackets do not get the same level of protection from the elements as people using leather jackets get.

  • The durability of the jacket: The durability of the jacket is due to the tough characteristics of the natural hide. The best quality leather becomes suppler with time and higher use. It does not get split or cracked. The denim or canvas frays may come apart as threads very soon as they get used.  


Investing in a leather jacket makes perfect sense with the style quotient of a leather jacket being immeasurable. If you are a rider, the best leather motorcycle jacket apart from being lasting and tough will also offer you a great level of comfort. It will help you remain snug and protected from the elements. If you are looking for softer leather jackets, go for lambskin while if it’s a rugged and masculine look that you want, choose goatskin, or bovine leather jackets. A leather jacket keeps on improving with time and they require very little maintenance. The best part is you can buy leather jackets at wholesale prices.


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