9 Top Most Popular Golf Clothing Brands 

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Golf is one of the only sports where dressing well is not just an option, it is a requirement set out by club dress codes. Fortunately, since strict dress codes were first introduced, golfing apparel has become much more fashionable, with many leading sportswear brands supplying attractive clothing that is designed for wearing on the golf course. 

Choosing golf clothing can be influenced by what your favorite golfer wears, or you may favor a particular sports brand. There is also a wide range in terms of the cost of different brands, which will also be a factor for many people when they buy golf clothing. If you are new to golf, you might not know where to start, with so many different types of clothing and numerous brands to choose from, so hopefully, this article will provide you with some useful guidance.

These are the top golf clothing brands:

Under Armour

One of the newer additions to the golf clothing brands, Under Armour is very popular with younger golf players, as it is a very fashionable global sports brand for all types of sportswear, including footwear and running clothes.


Callaway is another best-selling golf clothing brand. The company specializes in manufacturing golf clubs and balls but also makes accessories. Jon Rahm has just signed a multi-year equipment deal with Callaway Golf and numerous other top pros have signed up with the brand.


Glenmuir is a more traditional golf brand that was established way back in 1891. The company is based in Scotland and has been supplying golf clothing to the European Ryder Cup Team for the last 25 years. They have a good range of knitwear and clothing that is suited to playing in the colder climates in Scotland and the rest of the UK.


Puma is a well-known sports brand that was formed in 1948, specializing mostly in footwear before expanding into other types of clothing, including golf wear. They have a very large selection of golf shoes including ones designed around the modern sneaker, a style that is favored by a lot of younger players.


A specialist golf equipment company based in the US, TaylorMade is one of the top-selling brands of golf clubs and also manufactures a wide range of accessories and clothing. Pro golfers including Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson, and Rickie Fowler like the TaylorMade brand.


Another specialist golf brand, Titleist is an American manufacturer of golf clubs, accessories and apparel. The company was founded in 1932, so has been around for a long time but is still one of the most popular brands, with Justin Thomas being one of the top players who use Titleist. 


The sports brand Mizuno also has a range of golfing equipment and clothing. The Japanese brand manufactures clubs, footwear, and other golf accessories. Women’s US Open winner Lim Kim was victorious using Mizuno irons.


As one of the biggest sports brands in the world, Nike also has a wide range of fashionable golf clothing, and the shoe range is also very popular, with their shoe styles all being very modern, as well as supplying some more traditional golf shoe styles. The shoes are very popular with the golf pros, with Rory McIlroy and Tommy Fleetwood being very keen on the brand for their footwear choices.


The other sporting superbrand, Adidas, is another company that has ventured into the supply of golf clothing, with shoes, shirts, trousers, sweaters, and pretty much any clothing item you can imagine included in the Adidas Golf range. Adidas Golf was once aligned to TaylorMade equipment, but the brand is now concentrating on their own clothing and shoes without the TaylorMade connection.

There are so many great brands that manufacture golfing apparel and unlike with many sports, it is quite common for players to wear clothing from one brand and footwear or accessories from another. 

All of these brands are of high quality and have built up a good reputation in the golf apparel industry. Whether you are looking for comfort, style, protection from the weather, or all of these are top priorities, the brands listed above have plenty of choices for your golf clothing and accessories. Read here to see the top health benefits when playing golf. 

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