9 Best Luxury Resorts For Vacation In Australia

9 Best Luxury Resorts For Vacation In Australia #travel #austraia #vacation #holiday #travelmagazine #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine
9 Best Luxury Resorts For Vacation In Australia #travel #austraia #vacation #holiday #travelmagazine #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine

Australia is a hot vacationing spot to visit for those in the Northern Hemisphere trying to escape the cold and snow of winter. The island continent experiences seasons in reverse from what North Americans and Europeans are accustomed to at different times of year. This is the draw of the Land Down Under.

Even though the rugged terrain of the Outback constitutes approximately 70% of the country, there are still some wonderful locales within the coastal metropolises that you can enjoy and relax in.

As you explore the resorts of the Land Down Under, be sure to share your experiences with your friends and followers. Blog about the sunsets and the fine dining for the rest of the world to enjoy. If you do not have one already, pick out the perfect domain name and get started; on both your tour of Australia and documenting your travels.

9 Best Luxury Resorts For Vacation In Australia #travel #austraia #vacation #holiday #travelmagazine #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazineQualia

The beauty of the Pacific Ocean surrounds this exclusive resort off of Queensland. Hidden away within the Whitsundays Islands, known for the white sands beneath the waters, Qualia offers private beaches, fine local dining, and views of the nearby Great Barrier Reef as only a helicopter tour can provide. Be sure to take pictures to share on your blog.

The resort is accessible by air from either of the three major cities along the eastern coast of the mainland: Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne. Most of the private villas boast private pools where guests can look out upon the Whitsundays and Hamilton Island, the island hosting this luxurious resort.

Sheraton Mirage

Surrounded by lush Australian rainforest, soft sandy beaches, and aquamarine water, this resort is also located in Queensland; Port Douglas to be precise. This luxurious resort boasts a five star rating with it full size golf course, numerous swimming pools, and excellent dining.

The sandy beach is known to the locals as Four Mile Beach because there is not another sign of human existence for those four miles. You can find this stylish resort outside of the city of Cairns.

Pullman Port Douglas Sea Temple and Resort

Also located in Port Douglas, this resort is known for its swimming amenities. Lagoon pools are great for relaxing and enjoying a cocktail in. Many of the 194 rooms of the resort have private balconies for viewing the local scenery of ocean and the surrounding rainforest. Each room also has its own spa bath for further relaxation. Though not as secluded as other luxury resorts in Australia, the Pullman Port Douglas Sea Temple Resort and Spa makes up for it with its location along Four Mile Beach.

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9 Best Luxury Resorts For Vacation In Australia #travel #austraia #vacation #holiday #travelmagazine #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine

Southern Ocean Lodge

Kangaroo Island is home to a number of local animals, not just kangaroos. If you are excited to see animal life, then visiting this island south of Adelaide is a great place to see sea lions, koalas, and fur seals, all while staying in the Southern Ocean Lodge.

Although small in size, only hosting 21 suites, this luxury resort in poised on the cliff coast overlooking the Indian Ocean. To reach the resort, you need to take a ferry or a short flight out of Adelaide. Once you reach the resort, the beauty of the world and the amenities the resort has to offer are yours to enjoy.

Lizard Island Resort

Although the name is a little off-putting, this secluded resort gives you a view of the Great Barrier Reef like no other. You must take a flight from Queensland proper to reach the island, which offers the best diving and snorkeling possible on the reef.

Privacy is the appeal for this resort with private pools available in most suites, surround by the local greenery and ocean views. This is a great place for couples to take a vacation together and enjoy the country and each other. This might be the stuff you keep out of your blog.

McMillans of Metung Resort

Located in the city of Metung, this luxury resort resembles a small village town than a waterfront resort. Twenty villas spread out across six acres of land on Bancroft Bay. This is a popular venue for weddings and relaxation. Opulent day spas are aplenty within this Aussie village-resort full of activities and life around the boardwalk.

Sal Salis

Situated on Australia’s west coast, Sal Salis sits on the sandy beaches of Cape Range National Park. The closest major city is Perth, two hours to the south. Smaller in comparison to some of the other resorts discussed previously, this luxury resort hosts 16 glamorous camping tents (otherwise known as glamping) near the waters of the Indian Ocean.

In these waters you can swim with whales and dolphins within the Ningaloo Reef. When done swimming, guests to this luxury resort can enjoy some fine dining as a group as they enjoy the sunset scenery and sparkling night sky.

9 Best Luxury Resorts For Vacation In Australia #travel #austraia #vacation #holiday #travelmagazine #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazineThe Byron at Byron Bay

Byron Bay is the place to blog about! This award-winning spa resort gives you access to surfing, saunas, daily yoga sessions, and boardwalk strolls through the Aussie rainforest. The onsite pool seems to extend on forever along the edges of the wooded wilderness. The resort’s restaurant provides exquisite meals consisting of locally grown, organic fruits and vegetables.

Pullman Bunker Bay Resort

The country’s wine producers settled along the Margaret River over 200 years ago. It is among the calm blue waters of the ocean and nearby river, and the grape vineyards where the Pullman Bunker Bay Resort has settled as well. This sprawling resort takes a little bit of time to reach, three hours if you are coming from Perth, but the drive is worth the effort.

You will get to tour the wineries and get to taste the local Australian flavors, enjoy some swimming and sun either in the infinity pool or on the warm sandy beaches. You can take a quick drive over to Dunsborough and explore this beautiful community for some local shopping. If you are feeling a bit adventurous, the nearby caves will be just the adventure you are seeking.

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